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On the Right Path to Effective Speaking


Image (left): Alison Chen (centre) ASCA Diploma of Communication with Dr Burgis and Presbyterian Moderator, Kevin Murphy.

Image (right): Jade Lin receives her ASCA Certificate of Communication with Dr Burgis, Moderator, Kevin Murphy and school captain, Sandra Magro.

Twenty two Junior School students and twenty Senior School students have been honoured in assemblies for effort and excellence in Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA) examinations in 2016. During the past year, a total of 256 students sat assessments and examinations, with PLC Sydney being the largest examination centre in NSW.

Year 12 student, Alison Chen, completed her ASCA Diploma of Communication, a tertiary recognised certification in Speech. Jade Lin, Year 12 Debating Captain was awarded her Certificate in Communication, a gruelling one hour oral examination with a particular focus on impromptu speaking.

Recipients of the ASCA Medallion for Achievement, a teacher nominated award acknowledging improvement and encouraging students to continue with persistence and practice, were:

Senior School: Sarah Huang (Year 11), Jade Clemm (Year 10), Nicole Stellios (Year 9), Taylah Ahmet (Year 8), Isabella Chanine (Year 7)

Junior School: Ranya Verma (Year 6), Sofia Spork (Year 5), Ellie Kwan (Year 4), Ella Maitland (Year 3)

The Studio Medallion, selected by ASCA examiners, for Teacher’s Highest Marks was awarded to:

Senior School: Vanessa Li  (Year 12), Emma Triantafilis (Year 12), Lauren McGrath Wild (Year 11), Sophie Ma (Year 11), Natalie Lambropoulos (Year 10), Louisa Cusumano (Year 9), Vanessa Kwa (Year 8), Annabelle Adams (Year 7) and Alyssa Toskas (Year 7)

Junior School: Sienna Haigh (Year 6), Chloe Sargiss (Year 5), Marilyn Mylonas (Year 5), Helena Loupos (Year 5), Stella Koulos (Year 5), Amelie Haigh (Year 4), Shardai Charbel (Year 3), India Whip (Year 3), Sophia Kelleher (Year 3), Mims Clarke (Year 3), Constantina Rigas (Year 3), Isabelle Whitford (Year 3), Lily Rofail (Year 3), Sienna Colosi (Year 3)

The coveted purple Studio Centre Medallion, as chosen by ASCA examiners, for the most outstanding examination results in 2016 was presented to:

Senior School: Jade Lin (Year 12), Kelsey Lu (Year 12), Eleanor Lawton- Wade (Year 11), Lina Cho (Year 11), Emma Bosco (Year 9)

Junior School: Billie Ronis (Year 6), Chloe Walker (Year 5), Kate Doan (Year 4) and Syricia R (Year 3)

Seven tutors in Lyons House (Centre for the Spoken Word) currently provide tuition in Speech and Communication for more than 300 students every week. We congratulate all students assessed during 2016 for their progress as they journeyed the path to becoming authentic and effective communicators.


Image (left): ASCA Junior Medallion for Excellence recipients with Dr Burgis

Image (right): Junior School students celebrate ASCA Success in Speech


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