Dear PLC Sydney Community


issue1916-paulI hope you are finding the first edition of PLACES (our new PLC Sydney portal) helpful.

To date, it serves you by providing an extended calendar, access to draws and a weekly digest. Our next edition will provide a one-stop shop for the Boarding House families. Ms Turner will communicate with our boarding families through this avenue.

On Monday, we held a training session for staff. Another session is scheduled for next week as we build its capacity.

*   *   *

I would like to focus on our co-curricular activities in this edition of Connections.

I wish to really commend our Year 12 students. They are leading exceptionally well across so many co-curricular activities and are working hard on their academic studies. They have really taken the lead with the development of our inaugural science forum. On Wednesday 3 June this year, we will have numerous scientists working alongside our students in our first student-led science conference the PLC Sydney Science Summit. PLC Sydney students are leading in this field – seven of our students who were selected for the National Youth Science Forum reported on their learning at our recent assembly and are helping to guide the conference.

Whilst on the topic of our assemblies, we seek to make them student-led. At our most recent assembly, it was wonderful to hear the Japanese Exchange report delivered in fluent Japanese by two European students (with sub-titles on the screen) and to watch both a humorous Theatresports game and a vibrant video on International Women’s Day.  

Our Year 12 students are also taking a great position of leadership in Public Speaking and Debating. Our Senior A team is quite formidable this year, having already won The Macquarie Cup, defeating Hornsby Girls High School in the final. They are also undefeated in the ISDA competition. Congratulations to all of our debaters on a fine start to the 2017 season. Our students won 6 out of 8 debates against The Kings School and a further 5 out of 8 debates against Monte St Angelo Mercy College to keep us near the top of the table. Debating adjudication is not a perfect science – sometimes we win when it appears we might have lost and sometimes it is hard to fathom why we lost. This is why the overall statistics are a better indicator of our success in skill development than any individual debate.

Out at Penrith, our students are rowing with strength and passion. In particular, I note the tremendous work of our Year 8 crews. Thank you for your leadership Year 12.

On the wider sporting field, our teams turn up each week with spirit and energy. Though the rain has interfered with Softball and Tennis in the Senior School, and Football in the junior school; our Badminton and Water Polo teams have been doing very well. Badminton students have a win/loss rate of over 70% and Water Polo of 67%. Our overall rate across all sports is 63%. Winning is less important than playing the game in good spirits, but this does indicate cohesion and positivity. Our Senior Firsts Water Polo and Senior Firsts Badminton are both undefeated after three rounds. Great leadership again from Year 12.

I was pleased to hear this week of an initiative taken by Alison Chen, student editor of College Crow. In order to expand the reach of our school magazine, students from all years have been invited to come on board for the production of one edition. This opens the opportunity to more girls. Our school is very busy and it is great to see students really thinking about how to improve their own areas.

Finally, we need someone to cheer us on at our events. A mascot. In recent years poor old Harper Hippo has stepped up to be the College mascot. But he isn’t quite the right colour. The SRC discussed this matter and decided on a grey fox – a strong, speedy, dexterous and intelligent animal. Dressed in red and white she represents us well. Our fox (or should I say vixen) made her debut at the IPSHA Swimming and Diving Carnival on Tuesday. She will cheer on all of our co-curricular teams!


Image: Our new mascot in action at the IPSHA Swimming and Diving Carnival on Tuesday.

Dr Paul Burgis