Traffic Update


Image: This is the sign outside Newington that the Principal asked Burwood Council to mimic. Burwood Council's response is given below. 


I wish to update the College community regarding three aspects of the traffic issue on the roundabout:


1. Burwood Council conducted research. 

I wrote the following in an earlier newsletter:


  • Burwood Council resolved, at its November 2016 Meeting, to investigate the removal of the ‘No Right Turn’ restrictions currently in place for vehicles exiting the Hamilton Campus onto Boundary Street.

  • The Chief Traffic Engineer's visit at the start of the year was to undertake a quick count to determine the peak one hour block for this investigation to take place.

  • Burwood Council engaged a traffic consultancy to undertake this analysis for Council, which took place Monday 13 February. As part of the data collection, traffic monitoring cameras were installed within the road area at the school's entrance and exits on Boundary Street. The cameras collected data for 5 days ending Friday 17 February. During this time there were auditors visiting the site to observe traffic behaviour. These auditors remained on the public roadway and were not be required to enter the school grounds.

It is my view that if the 'No Right Turn' sign was removed traffic flow would improve significantly, the roundabout would operate faster, and fewer drivers would need to queue on Boundary Street to enter the College. Thus, everyone would benefit. 


It is right that Burwood Council wish to scientifically test this claim.


I note that Burwood Council and the Police have informed me that some parents have misunderstood my communication to mean that they are allowed to turn right now, against the sign. This is not the case. The sign remains in place. Its validity is being tested but no decision has been made.


2. I received a letter from Burwood Council in response to the Queuing Vehicles Signage.


download-icon Click here to download the letter from Burwood Council. (PDF 217.1KB) 


I will keep you updated as I continue to work on this matter.


3.  I have written to the police to inform them that the action of the police officer of driving onto school property with lights flashing in order to book a parent is intimidatory and totally unnecessary. We will always uphold the law of the land and support it fully. Yet the law doesn't need theatre.


Dr Paul Burgis

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