Dear PLC Sydney Community


issue1916-paulIt was wonderful on the first day of term to see all of the students of the College gathering together to begin a new year. It is such a joy to reconnect and to hear about their holidays. Just to see them.

At our opening assembly and chapel service, we had a similar theme: hope, or possibility. It was the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who said ‘Possibility. Possibility. Possibility. Get me possibility.’ At the Wednesday Chapel, Mrs Morphew spoke about hoping in the God who made and knows us. On the Friday assembly, I referred to our new Chief Justice of the High Court, Susan Kiefel, and to various ex-students of PLC Sydney to support Kierkegaard’s encouragement to focus on what is possible. It is a great time to be a girl or a young woman receiving an education. We, therefore, touched on another Kierkegaard quote: ‘If you label me, you negate me’ in order to encourage each girl to allow other girls to have freedom, individuality and friendship within the College.

As I circulated around the classes I sensed both the nerves and the excitement. Year 7 were all ready with their new computers, listening and note-taking. Year 12 were settling quickly into serious concepts and detailed work.

We are encouraging girls to take a risk – try a new sport, take on rowing, begin to learn diving or debating or to join College Crow. We will take the lead in this area and I hope you will hear news of your daughter’s adventures when she comes home.

I am also thrilled with the start for our Boarders. Our Boarding House is full, except for one place in Year 9 and a spot for a Year 12 Student. The Boarding House Welcome Dinner was a great success.

Recently, I wrote to our community to find out if there was anyone who would consider boarding a NSW student for 12 months whilst they attended PLC Sydney. Now I’d like to collate a list of families who might be interested in undertaking a commercial arrangement of this kind when our Boarding House is full. If this is something you would consider in the future, please write to me directly at

In the next issue of Connections, I will be giving you a little more information about our new staff.

Finally, I encourage all parents to join us for our P & F Welcome Cocktail Party, Friday 10 February 2017, on the top floor of the Macindoe Research Centre. It commences at 6.30 pm.

I hope to see you at one or more of Parent Information Evenings and at the Welcome Cocktail Party.

Dr Paul Burgis