Code Camp at PLC Sydney

During the September holidays, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 had the opportunity to attend Code Camps hosted by PLC Sydney. Many students from PLC Sydney, as well as the students from local schools, had the opportunity to have fun while learning to code!

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This is the second Code Camp we have run and it has proven to be a great event for our girls. 

Code Camp allows students to learn important new skills such as logic, creativity, problem solving, app development and game building in a fun and engaging way. The organisers are well regarded and have already taught more than 27,000 students in Australia.

Students in Kindergarten and Year 1 took part in the two day Little League program and were able to engage in a mixture of offline and online coding activities on iPads. Students in Years 2 to Year 6 joined the Spark or more advanced Ignite three day Code Camps starting with drag and drop coding blocks and then moving to line coding with JavaScript. 

Some great examples of student work include:


Image above: Tiana Constantinou (Year 6) made her game in Spark class. Spark students learn how to code a simple arcade game with a main character, baddie, lots of levels, spikes, collectables and bonus levels. View Tiana's game here

'Code camp is really fun and enjoyable and you make new friends there. It was really fun to talk to different people.' Tiana


Image above: Juliette Colosi (Year 4) made her game in Ignite class. 'Ignite' students use drag and drop, and line coding. They create a top-down style game with lots of mini gamesView Juliette's game here.

'I really liked it because they taught us step by step how make games. If you didn't get it right the code camp teacher would tell you what was wrong and help you. I really liked how I got to make friends from other schools. It was really fun. I liked how you got to do the silent disco at lunch. Everyone at Code Camp is friendly and you can feel safe.'  Juliette 

We are excited about continuing Code Camp at PLC Sydney in the 2017/2018 summer holidays and will be introducing a new advanced camp called Blast for students who have attended previous code camps. 

Code Camp registrations are now open, please click here for details.

Belinda Martins
Technologies and Innovation Coordinator

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