Sports Update


What an amazing start to the 2017/18 Rowing Season for the PLC Sydney rowing team.

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta: Year 9 #1 Quad - Georgia Campbell (Coach), Clare Racki, Cate Brady, Phoebe Glenn, Annabelle Englert and Madeleine Hardy.

On Saturday 4 November we competed at the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta. Nine of our crews won their events, four placed second and three placed third. 

First Place
Year 9 #1 Quad - Cate Brady, Clare Rackie, Annabelle Englert, Madeleine Hardy and Phoebe Glenn
Year 9 #4 Quad - Georgie Whitford, Alexandra Reed, Ellena Polly, Heidi Osborne and Cox: Zoe Abicht
Year 9 #6 Quad - Lauren Thomas, Claudia Thompson, Valentina Quiroga, Bianca Haron and Cox: Imogen Sabey
Year 8 #5 Quad - Ishbel Craig, Sophie Panopoulos, Alexandra Abdelmalek, Niya Vohra and Cox: Imogen Sabey
Year 9 Single - Madeleine Hardy and Annabelle Englert
Year 9 Double Scull - Georgie Whitford and Alex Reed
Para Single - Lauren Webber
Senior Double - Laura Brady and Lilli Glenn

Second Place
Year 9 #2 Quad - Amelie Larsen, Charlotte Guest, Eva Hopwood, Myeisha Taylor, Cox: Jasmine Boyd
Year 9 #3 Quad - Angie Rofail, Ashley Hovilai, Alexandra Vaughan, Sara Fahey, Cox: Leila Kassem
Para Single - Eleanor Taylor
Year 9 Single - Cate Brady

Third Place
Year 9 #5 Quad - Madeline Panos, Summer Wanless, Emma O'Dea, Isabella Sheldrick, Cox: Alexandra Sach
Year 9 single - Clare Racki
Year 10 Single - Phoebe Englert

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta: Year 10 #1 Quad - Abigale Edwards, Phoebe Englert, Zoe Hobson, Natasha Tran and Lucy Froggatt.

All crews then backed up for round two on Sunday 5 November for the Loreto Kirribilli Regatta.  We were equally as successful with four first places and five second places.

First Place
Year 9 #2 Quad - Amelie Larsen, Charlotte Guest, Myeisha Taylor, Clare Racki, Cox: Jasmine Boyd
Year 9 #4 Quad - Georgie Whitford, Alexandra Reed, Ellena Polly, Heidi Osborne, Cox: Zoe Abicht
Para Single - Lauren Webber
Year 10 Single - Phoebe Englert

Second Place
Senior Quad - Olivia Leckie, Rejheki Bone, Lilli Glenn, Laura Brady and Cox: Lucy Froggatt
Year 9 #5 Quad - Madeline Panos, Summer Wanless, Emma O'Dea, Isabella Sheldrick and Cox: Leila Kassem
Year 8 #1 Quad - Victoria McLeod, Stephanie Eldridge, Sienna Earls, Emily Roberts and Cox: Alexandra Sach
Year8 #6 Quad - Annabelle Qiu, Lauren Webber, Annika Johansson, Santina Costanzo and Cox: Michelle Ni
Year 9 Double - Annabelle Englert and Cate Brady

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta: Year 9 Doubles - Isabelle Sheldrick, Summer Wanless, Francesca Bicego and Emily Ali Beck.


IPSHA Gymnastics

Fourty six young gymnasts woke up at the crack of dawn to travel to Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre in Rooty Hill to compete at the 2017 IPSHA Gymnastics Carnival. The girls all looked their best and represented the college extremely well with some beautiful performances, great behaviour and pleasing results.

Dr Burgis and the PLC Sydney IPSHA Gymnastics team. 

Rhythmics (team events)
Foundation 1 - 3rd
Foundation 2 - 5th
Category 2 Group - 2nd
Category 3 Group - 5th 

Artistic (team events)
Level 1 - 4th 
Level 2 - 6th
Level 3 - 5th
Level 4 - 2nd
Level 5 - 1st

Artistic (individual events)
Level 5 Vault - Angelina Foley (Year 5) 3rd 
Level 5 Bars - Angelina Foley 2nd
Level 5 Beam - Cleo Giezekamp (Year 5) 2nd 
Level 6 Vault - Ellie Cole (Year 5) 2nd
Level 6 Bars - Ellie Cole 1st and Emily Chronis (Year 6) 2nd 
Level 6 Beam - Ellie Cole and Emily Chronis =3rd 
Level 6 Floor - Ellie Cole 2nd
Level 7 Vault - Stella Koulos (Year 5) 1st and Tsambika Galanos (Year 5) 2nd
Level 7 Bars - Stella Koulos 1st and Tsambika Galanos 2nd
Level 7 Beam - Stella Koulos 1st and Tsambika Galanos 3rd
Level 7 Floor - Stella Koulos 1st and Tsambika Galanos 2nd

Congratulations to the coaches and gymnasts on a very successful day!

Isabelle Yardley (Year 4), Mia Lazzaro (Year 4), Amelie Matouk (Year 4), Lily Rofail (Year 4) and Amy Somboli (Year 4) with our PLC Sydney Mascot.

Keira McAlister (Year 3), Sophie Chalmers (Year 3), Oriel Fei (Year 4) and Joyce Zhang (Year 4).


IGSSA Gymnastics

Congratulations to our gymnasts who recently competed at the 2017 IGSSA Gymnastics Carnival. The girls competed extremely well and finished 3rd in Rhythmics and 3rd in Artistic placing the team 3rd overall! We are very proud of our gymnasts and the coaches in achieving such wonderful results.

Some outstanding results on the day came from our veteran and Captain Sherie Pan (Year 11) receiving 2nd on vault and 3rd on Level 5 Beam. 

More outstanding results in Artistic came from: 

  • Sophia Armenis (Year 7) Level 4 - 1st on Floor 
  • Marie-Antoinette Montuoro (Year 8) Level 6 - 1st on Vault, 1st on Floor, 2nd on Beam, 2nd on Floor
  • Eleanor Clifton-Bligh (Year 10) Level 6 - 1st on Floor, 3rd on Vault  
  • Maia Shannon (Year 8) Level 7 - 3rd on Floor
  • Mia Duarte Level 8 (Year 8) Level 8 - 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Bars 
  • Paige Banducci (Year 9) Level 9 - 1st on Vault, 1st on Beam, 2nd on Bars, 2nd on Floor
  • Katie Niu (Year 7) Level 3 - 2nd on Beam, 3rd on Bars, 3rd on Floor.

In Rhythmic we also had some wonderful results:

  • Madeline Chew (Year 7) Level 7 - 2nd on Hoop, 3rd on Ball, 2nd in Clubs
  • Grace Sheng (Year 8) Level 8 - 1st on Hoop, 2nd on Ball, 2nd on Clubs
  • Zoe Lee (Year 7) Level 8 - 2nd on Ball, 3rd on Clubs
  • Amber Atcheson (Year 9) Junior Elite - 1st on Hoop, 1st on Ball, 1st in Clubs
  • Category 4 Group - 3rd.

Thank you to our wonderful Captain, Sherie Pan, who lead the team so well and has been a wonderful role model for the gymnastics program throughout her time at PLC Sydney. 

PLC Sydney IGSSA Gymnastics Transition team.



Congratulations to our divers who competed in the Metropolitan Championships. Despite many of the divers competing for their first time, they still managed to finish on the dais:

  • Pathways Level 3 - Isabella Yardley (Year 4) 2nd
  • Pathways Level 5 - Amy Somboli (Year 4) 2nd
  • Pathways Level 6 - Eden Kautz (Year 7) 2nd
  • Under 11 1m - Amy 1st; Rose Tan (Year 3) 2nd; Naomi Webb (Year 4) 3rd
  • 12-13 Years - Emily Webb (Year 6) 1m 3rd, 3m 1st, Platform 1st
  • Under 13 Years Synchro - Rose and Katie Niu (Year 7) 2nd; Emily and Naomi 3rd

A great job to all competitors, we are very proud of you!

PLC Sydney Pathways divers! 


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