PLC Sydney Leads Science Awards

The 2017 Science Teachers’ Association of NSW Young Scientist Awards presentation ceremony was held at the University of Wollongong on Wednesday 1 November 2017. Over $23 000 in cash prizes was handed out on the night to a record 109 students, representing 39 schools. The ceremony is the culmination of an incredible year of achievements by NSW students. PLC Sydney students received more awards than any other school, with 11 students taking out a total of 14 awards.


This competition represents the pinnacle of Science research for students, recognising excellence in scientific investigations, mathematical analysis, creativity in problem-solving, model building and technology. It is inspiring to witness the ever-increasing standard of projects and the range of real world problems the students have aimed to address.

PLC Sydney has had considerable success with students from the Senior School in recent years; in 2017 three Junior School students were also awarded prizes.

We congratulate the following students on their outstanding success:

  • Hannah Chalmers (Year 1) My Solar Alarm - First prize for Models and Innovations Kindergarten-Year 2
  • Alyssa Buda and Chloe Walker (Year 5) The Effect of Music on the Sense of Touch for Ten Year Old Girls and on Their Ability to Concentrate - Working Mathematically Award Years 3-6
  • Vanessa Lin (Year 10) Music Matters - Using Fast Fourier Transform to Determine the Quality of Sound Produced by Differently Priced Cellos - First prize for Measurement, Scientific Investigations; First prize for Communications; Third prize in Working Mathematically Years 10-12
  • Eliza Martin (Year 9) EMMA: The Electromagnetic Mobility Assistor - First prize for Physics Years 7-9; Second prize for Models and Innovations Years 7-9
  • Eleanor Clifton-Bligh (Year 10) Meeting a Challenge of Climate Change: Water Penetration in Soil - Third prize in Earth and Environmental Science Years 10-12; First prize for Electronic Communications
  • Angeni Bai (Year 10) Batteries and Heat - First prize for Physics Years 10-12
  • Ruier (Sherry) Xue (Year 10) Flood Alert: The Best Type of Wall to Defend Floods - Second prize for Physics Years 10-12
  • Taylor Chan (Year 10) Going Green as You Clean - Comparing the Effects of Eco-friendly Detergents and Conventional Detergents on Marine Organisms - Third prize for Biology Years 10-12
  • Angela Rofail (Year 8) Does the Soaking of Broad Beans in Different Chemicals Affect the Speed at Which the Seeds Germinate? - First prize in Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship
  • Ling Ling Lin (Year 10) Sunscream, a Phytoplankton Problem - Third prize for Scientific Equipment Usage


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