National Science Olympiad

In August, 26 students from Years 10 and 11 attempted the Science Olympiad Examinations. These very challenging exams in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics are the first stage of the selection process for the Australian teams competing at the International Science Olympiads. 

Designed to challenge top performers, over 6000 students from schools across Australia registered to sit the two hour examinations. Students were required to use knowledge and problem-solving skills to creatively solve complex problems. Students attempting the Chemistry and Physics exams were able to prepare by attending tutorials presented by Mrs McGrouther and Mr Trimble throughout the year. 


camera-icon High Distinction award winners Angeni Bai (Year 10) and Tay Leung (Year 10).

We congratulate the following students on their achievements.

High Distinction (top 10% of candidates)

Angeni Bai (Year 10) - Earth and Environmental Science. Angeni was ranked among the top 24 students and was invited to attend the 2018 Science Olympiad Summer School. 
Tay Leung  (Year 10) - Biology and Physics

Distinction (next 20%)
Biology - Angeni Bai, Jasmine Chen (Year 11 and Laurel Lu (Year 11) 
Chemistry - Angeni Bai, Tay Leung, Ally Que (Year 10), Christina Shi (Year 10), Claire Shi (Year 10), Ruier (Sherry) Xue (Year 10), Freya Chen (Year 11) and Laurel Lu
Earth and Environmental Science - Taylor Chan (Year 10), Alexandra Kench (Year 10) and Tay Leung 
Physics - Grace Zhu (Year 10)

Credit Certificates (next 30%)
Biology - Alexandra Kench.
Chemistry - Linzy Zhao (Year 10), Lynne Zhao (Year 10), Grace Zhu (Year 10), Laura Hooper (Year 11) and Anna McRae (Year 11) 
Earth and Environmental Science - Christina Symeou (Year 10)
Physics - Angeni Bai, Ally Que, Christina Shi, Ruier Xue, Linzy Zhao and Lynne Zhao, Laurel Lu

We will be encouraging students to take part in the Australian Science Olympiad Competition next year.  For more information go to


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