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At PLC Sydney we seek to reach each student and to help her to find areas of interest and joy. We seek to help each student develop convictions. We seek to assist each student to develop qualities of strength and resilience that will assist them in life. We hope each girl will learn to love being herself.

A list of accomplishments is a wonderful thing if it represents the breadth of achievement of girls across the College. It is not a story about a few girls. It is a story about us as a College. Behind the girls achieving at very high levels are numerous students who are trying something new, or who have reached a personal best, or who have learned from mistakes that they have made, or who are ‘in the learning pit’, even touching bottom before they try again.

For me, as a Principal, the following list is evidence that we as a College can assist students to grow and flourish across a range of areas. We are proud of every single girl in this school and we celebrate both their efforts and their achievements. 

This year, to date, PLC Sydney students have accomplished the following

Excellence – our capacity for students to achieve at the highest level possible:

  • A ‘Top of the World’ award – First in Cambridge International Physical Sciences Examination across 11 000 Cambridge schools worldwide
  • First, second, third and sixth in the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, meaning that we have four students representing Australia in the World Championships in South Africa in 2018
  • Winner of the AHIGS Festival of Speech - the premier speech competition for independent girls' schools. Each year the top 25 independent girls' schools compete across the full range of disciplines to be the lead school in public speaking
  • Winner of the NSW State Rostrum Voice of Youth
  • Finalist in the ‘Lions Youth of the Year’ competition for NSW
  • Second in the Junior School ISDA Debating Competition
  • Winners of S02 Division IGSSA Football
  • Winners of J06 and Y7-02 Divisions IGSSA Basketball
  • Winners of S01 and J07 Divisions IGSSA Hockey
  • Winners of J02, J10, Y7-03 and Y7-06 Divisions IGSSA Netball
  • Numerous individual and team gold, silver and bronze medals, and student selection in representative teams, in a range of sports at the highest levels of representation:
    • Aerobics
    • Athletics
    • Cross-country
    • Diving
    • Gymnastics
    • Rowing
    • Snow Sports
    • Swimming
    • Triathlon
    • Tennis
    • Water Polo
  • Placed in the top six in the following IGSSA Carnivals (31 independent girls’ schools):
    • Swimming (second)
    • Diving (second)
    • Gymnastics (third overall - third in both Rhythmic and Artistic)
    • Athletics (sixth)
    • Rowing (sixth)
  • Placed sixth at the National Snow Sports Championships
  • Winner of the University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize - Primary - a national award for excellence in Science communication
  • Eight students selected for the National Youth Science Forum
  • Ten prize winners in the NSW Science Teachers Association awards for the best scientific research projects and models in NSW schools
  • Winner of the Sydney University Division of the NSW Titration Competition and selection into the National Final
  • Student has selected for the Australian Earth & Environmental Science Olympiad Summer School
  • 42 entries in the UNSW Mathematics competition – more than any other school. Girls awarded a Credit and Distinction and invited to awards ceremony
  • 412 entries into the AMC with one prize winner and more than 70 students above a Distinction level
  • A plethora of mathematics competitions earning high distinctions, distinctions and credits through the Australian Maths Trust, including Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad
  • A student included in the selection process for the Australian Olympiad Team
  • Early 2017 HSC recognition:
    • Four students nominated for OnStage (excellence in Drama)
    • Three students nominated for Encore (excellence in Music)
  • Awards in Tournament of Minds
  • Winner of the Independent Schools' Debating Association (ISDA) Debating Competition - the premier student debating competition for independent schools in Sydney.
  • Second in both Year 8 competitions in the Archdale Shield 
  • Winner of the Macquarie Cup Debating Competition
  • Second in the University Shield student debating Competition

These results don’t tell the whole story. They are great but our College is about much more than individual or group achievements.

We are interested in growing her as a person. Thus I note the following.

Reach - our Capacity to engage and value each student:

  • Student satisfaction rates over 90% for every subject (95-100% for many), as reported by our Year 12 2017 cohort in their exit surveys
  • We love the service learning tours to Vietnam and Timor Leste
  • We are very grateful for successful curriculum tours
  • There is very positive feedback from students engaged in the exchange program
  • Very low percentages of students leaving the College early
  • There is a strong and positive staff well-being program
  • We enjoy continued strong HSC results for students

And our primary goal is to grow the girls’ souls, their very persons. Whether this be through our chaplaincy program or conversations about big questions; whether it be through the dynamic voices of the girls themselves, we hope to echo something of Parker J Palmer’s words, or perhaps those of Marilynne Robinson. One comments on the great importance of the teacher relating honestly and vulnerably with her class. The other speaks of the challenge every person faces in enabling other people to understand her complexity and nuance.

Collectively they speak of the great importance of relationships. We celebrate our gold stars and we cheer on every girl who tries, but, more importantly, we are grateful to God for who we are.

'Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.'
― Parker J. Palmer, The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life

'These people who can see right through you never quite do you justice, because they never give you credit for the effort you're making to be better than you actually are, which is difficult and well-meant and deserving of some little notice.'
― Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

Dr Paul Burgis

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