Australian Maths Competition 2017


📸 Australian Mathematics Competition award winners.

At PLC Sydney this year, 412 girls sat for the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). This National Competition attracts students from other countries such as Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Some schools enter only their best students. At PLC Sydney the AMC is compulsory for all girls for Years 7-8, otherwise it is voluntary for Years 9-12. Our policy is to use the competition as a basis for recognising potential across the board for all our girls in the junior years, and further encouragement for girls in the senior years.

Overall our girls showed excellent proficiency compared with all candidates. The profile across the compulsory Years 7-8 was similar. However the voluntary candidature in Years 9-12 showed more results in the higher bands.

 Year    Number     Distinction and above     Credit and above     Prof/Pass   
 7             130  14%  42%  44%
 8              134  10%  50%  50%
 9  59  29%  59%  12%
 10  56  29%  55%  16%
 11  31  19%  42%  39%
 12  2  100%    

The outstanding results again this year of individual students are a testament to the girl’s willingness to achieve at the highest level in mathematics and to the whole mathematics staff for their excellence in the classroom and the individual encouragement given to our girls.

Of the 130 Year 7 candidates, PLC Sydney students achieved 1 Prize, 5 High Distinctions and 12 Distinctions (14%) placing them in the top 15% of all candidates. Yvonne Zhao (Year 7) was outstanding, winning a prize (100th percentile) with Jane Ma (96th) and Jessica Chen (92nd) close behind. This promises to be an outstanding year.

Of the 134 Year 8 students there were 2 High Distinctions and 11 Distinctions. Our top Year 8 students were Meredith Zhang (92nd percentile), Horatia Ma (90th) and Emily Li (90th). Some 40% of the girls scored a credit or above. 

Of the 59 Year 9 students there were 2 High Distinctions, 15 Distinctions and 18 Credits with Abbey Kumar (82nd percentile) and Helena Law (81st) leading the way. It was pleasing to see so many candidates getting a credit or above (59%).

Of the 56 Year 10 students, Ruier (Sherry) Xue topped with a High Distinction followed by 15 Distinctions led by Grace Zhu, Christina Shi, and Ziyi (Ally) Que. This was an outstanding result from our top class.

Of the 31 Year 11 students, Laurel Lu, Jasmine Chen, Jennifer Xu and Iris Shi scored High Distinctions with Jiahe Chen and Sunny Sun Distinctions. All of these girls consistently obtain high marks in national competitions over the years.

Finally we should congratulate Year 12 students Xinlu Xu and Qianxi Wang who both scored Distinctions in the senior division. 

Dianne Balkizas
Head of Mathematics


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