Sports Update

Rhythmic Gymnastics 

NSW Winter State Championships 

Over the weekend, PLC Sydney Rhythmic Gymnasts competed at the NSW Winter State Championships and Multiples and achieved some excellent results!


📷1 (from left): Level 6 Gymnasts, Summer Wanless (Year 7) and Jenna Zhang (Year 7).
📷2 (from left): Oriel Fei (Year 4), Joyce Zhang (Year 4), Kiera McAlister (Year 3) and Sophie Chalmers (Year 3).


Level 6 Junior: Jenna Zhang (Year 7) finished 4th overall. Placing 3rd in rope and 5th in clubs.

  Summer Wanless (Year 7)  finished 15th overall.

  Emily Nielsen (Year 7) was unfortunately too unwell to finish the competition but contributed to the team score.

  The PLC Sydney team placed 3rd overall.

Level 5 Senior: Linda Wang (Year 9) placed 12th overall.

Level 7 Junior: Madeline Chew (Year 7) finished 4th overall. Placing 2nd in ball, 5th in hoop, 4th in clubs and 6th in ribbon.

Level 8 Junior: Zoe Lee (Year 7) finished 2nd overall. Placing 1st in hoop and 2nd in ball, clubs and ribbon.

Level 8 Senior: Grace Sheng (Year 8) finished 12th overall. Placing 4th in hoop.

Category 3 Pair: Grace and Hannah Li (Year 6) placed 1st Overall.

Category 3 Group: Zoe and Madeline placed 3rd overall.

         Jenna, Summer, Linda and Emily placed 7th overall.

Category 2 Group: Kiera McAlister (Year 3), Joyce Zhang (Year 4), Oriel Fei (Year 4) and Sophie Chalmers (Year 3) placed 6th overall.

Category 1 Trio: Chantilly Ho (Year 4) placed 5th overall.

Category 1 Group: Kate Doan (Year 4) placed 7th overall.

Category 4 Pair: Jaelle (Head coach) and Alberta ( Coach) made their gymnastics comeback and finished 1st overall.


Pymble Ladies College Invitational

On Sunday 10 September, the PLC Sydney Level 1-4 Rhythmic Gymnasts competed at the Pymble Ladies College Invitational and achieved some incredible results!

Level 3 Sub-Junior: Kiera McAlister (Year 3), Sophie Chalmers (Year 3) and Oriel Fei (Year 4) achieved gold passes. A gold pass is the highest achievement!

Level 4 Junior: Mia Travers (Year 6) performed three beautiful routines to achieve a gold pass. 

Level 4 Sub-Junior: Joyce Zhang (Year 4) achieved a silver pass.

Level 4 Senior: Yalani Smith (Year 8), Rainy Yang (Year 9) and Sherry Xue (Year 10) achieved bronze passes.

Foundation 1: Chloe Wong (Year 4) competed for the first time and achieved a bronze pass.

Foundation 2: Kate Doan (Year 4), Gabriella Murabito (Year 3) and Olivia Velkou (Year 3) achieved bronze passes. 

We are very proud of the girls' achievements and we look forward to more great results at the NSW Junior State Championships and the IPSHA Gymnastics Carnival!


📷 1 (from left): Kate Doan (Year 4), Gabriella Murabito (Year 3), Chloe Wong (Year 4) and Olivia Velkou (Year 3). 
📷 2 (from left): Keira McAlister (Year 3), Sophie Chalmers (Year 3) and Oriel Fei (Year 4).
📷 3 (from left): Yalani Smith (Year 8), Rainy Yang (Year 9), Sherry Xue (Year 10), Joyce Zhang (Year 4) and Mia Travers (Year 6). 

Artistic Gymnastics 

NSW State Clubs 

Last weekend, our Level 5-10 Artistic Gymnasts took to the competition floor to compete in the NSW State Clubs. The girls represented the school extremely well! PLC Sydney competed against some huge clubs and continue to show that we are the NSW program to watch out for. Congratulations girls! 

Level 5: Stella Koulos (Year 5), Ellie Cole (Year 5), Angelina Foley (Year 5) and Emily Chronis (Year 5) were our top team finishing 5th from 36 teams.

Level 6: Marie-Antoinette Montuoro (Year 8), Sophia O’Sullivan (Year 7) and Tsambika Galanos (Year 5) were our top team finishing 4th.

Level 7: Madeline Gee (Year 9), Lauren Thomas (Year 8) and Claudia Bonaccorso (Year 9) finished 15th. 

Level 8: Mia Duarte (Year 8) finished 7th.

Level 9: Paige Banducci (Year 9) finished 4th.


📷(from left):  Madeline Gee (Year 9), Lauren Thomas (Year 8) and Claudia Bonaccorso (Year 9)



1st Interclub Diving Carnival

On 20 August, our Divers competed at the 1st Interclub Diving meet for the year. Many of our girls competed for the first time and the coaches were so proud of their performances. Congratulations girls!

School Pathways Level 6: Eden Kautz (Year 7) 4th
                                                 Katie Niu (Year 7) 6th

School Pathways Level 5: Tsambika Galanos (Year 5) 4th
                                                 Rose Tan (Year 3) 5th

School Pathways Level 3: Lily Rofail (Year 3) 1st
                                                Mia Lazzaro (Year 4) 2nd
                                                Isabelle Yardley (Year 4) 4th
                                                Amelie Matouk (Year 4) 5th 

Under 11’s: Naomi Webb (Year 4) 3rd

12- 13 Years Springboard: Emily Webb (Year 6) 1st 

12-13 Years Platform: Emily Webb (Year 6) 2nd

14-15 Years Springboard: Gabrielle O’Dea (Year 7) 8th and Zoe Leckie (Year 7) 10th

A special mention to Emily Webb who qualified for the 2018 National Championships in 1 Metre and Platform!

📷 (from left): Mia Lazzaro (Year 4), Amelie Matouk (Year 4), Lily Rofail (Year 3) and Isabelle Yardley (Year 4).
📷 (from left): Rose Tan (Year 3) and Tsambika Galanos (Year 5).
📷 (from left): Katie Niu (Year 7) and Eden Kautz (Year 7).

2nd Interclub Diving Carnival

Congratulations to our divers who competed in the 2nd Interclub Diving Carnival. We had some wonderful results and are especially proud of our Pathways divers who all performed extremely well. 

Our Level 3 girls narrowly missed out on placings; our Level 5 diver, Tsambika Galanos (Year 5), placed 3rd; and our Level 6 girls Rose Tan (Year 3) and Katie Niu (Year 7) placed 3rd and 2nd respectively. 

In the U11 Years, Naomi Webb (Year 4)  finished 2nd and Amy Somboli (Year 4) finished 1st. 

In the 12-13 Years, Emily Webb (Year 6) finished 1st in the Springboard and 1st in the 14-15 Years Synchro. 

A special mention to Gabrielle O’Dea (Year 7) and Zoe Leckie (Year 7) who have both added new dives to their list and performed beautifully. 

NSW PSSA Netball Championships

Charlotte Cameron (Year 6) recently competed in the NSW PSSA Netball Championships representing CIS. After competing in the three day tournament the CIS team finished as runners up, only losing one game by a very small margin. Charlotte is to be commended for her dedication to netball. Well done! 

📷 (6th from right): Charlotte Cameron (Year 6).


IPSHA Athletics Carnival 

On Tuesday 29  August, the 2017 PLC Sydney IPSHA Athletics team came together to compete at the Sydney International Athletic Centre, Homebush. 28 athletes competed with great tenacity and six students were awarded selection in the IPSHA Athletics team who competed at the CIS Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 13 September:

  • Amelia Steventon (Year 3) 9 Years 100m
  • Tallulah Prentice (Year 4) 8-10 Years Discus and 8-10 Years Shot Put
  • Luca Mackinnon (Year 6) 11 Years 100m, 11 Years 200m and 11 Years Long Jump
  • Caitlin Oeser (Year 6) 11 Years Discus
  • Abby Alleyn (Year 6) 12 Years 100m, 12 Years 200m and 12 Years Long Jump
  • Tidarat McLachlan (Year 6) 12 Years Discus

Year 4 student Tallulah Prentice received the only outright 1st place for PLC Sydney at the IPSHA Carnival in the 8-10 Years Discus at just 9 years of age.

Congratulations to all girls involved in which they represented the College outstandingly.


📷 1: Tallulah Prentice (Year 4)
📷 2 (from left): Sophia Alvaro and Amelia Steventon (Year 3)
📷 3: Some of the 2017 PLC Sydney IPSHA Athletics team


National Snowsports Championships

PLC Sydney fielded its largest team ever for the 2017 National Interschool Snowsports Championships. The 17 individuals who participated in a range of events from Cross Country Skiing, Moguls and Snowboarding were outstanding in the achievements across the five days. PLC Sydney shone out on the podium every day of the event when teams and individuals were awarded medals. Standout performances came from:

  • Division 2 Cross Country Ski Team, Phoebe Cridland (Year 10), Isabella Hutton (Year 10) and Chelsey Johnson (Year 9), received bronze in the relay event. Phoebe also received individual silver.
  • Teammates Emma Bosco (Year 9), Georgia Coote (Year 9) and Phoebe Cridland (Year 10) dominated the Moguls event winning gold for the 4th year in a row. Emma was also crowned the National Champion with Georgia close behind in 5th.
  • Clare Bosco (Year 7) placed 4th in the Ski Slopestyle event. 
  • Paige Jones (Year 7) placed 2nd in the Snowboard Slopestyle event, closely followed by sister Tara Jones (Year 7) in 4th. Paige and Tara teamed up with Imogen Howell (Year 8) to take out silver in the Snowboard GS event. 

PLC Sydney finished the Championships in 6th place overall behind four large Victorian schools double the size of our team. The team was supported by Ski Team Captain, Lilli Glenn (Year 11), who whilst competing in her own Snowboarding event, was also able to assist our younger team members Xanthia Coote (Year 5), Alessandra Sydun-West (Year 5) and Dominique De Souza (Year 6).

📷 1 (from left): Paige Jones (Year 7), Tara Jones (Year 7) and Imogen Howell (Year 8).
📷 2 (from left): Emma Bosco (Year 9), Georgia Coote (Year 9) and Phoebe Cridland (Year 10).
📷 3 (from left): Phoebe Cridland (Year 10), Isabella Hutton (Year 10) and Chelsey Johnson (Year 9).


IGSSA Hockey

Congratulations to both PLS 1 and PLS 6 hockey teams who both won their IGSSA Grand Finals on Saturday.

PLS 1 played both the Semi Final and Grand Final over the weekend at Homebush in two very close battles. PLS 1 finally managed to beat Abbotsleigh in extra time in the Friday night semi final, with only 50 seconds left on the clock - sending the crowd and players into wild celebrations.

Saturday saw the Grand Final take a similar route, with PLS 1 again scoring the winning goal in extra time against Pymble to take the S01 grand title for the fifth time over the last six years. Thank you to Lee Capes for coaching PLS 1 over the last six years. She will be missed by all, not just those in the hockey community, and we wish her the best with her adventure to India. 

PLS 6 took on St Vincent's College at Cintra Park and dominated the game. The team took the J07 title winning 1 - 0


📷 (from left back): PLS 1 - Coach Lee Capes, Anneka Graham (Year 10), Grace Schumacher (Year 10), Mackenzie Dodd (Year 10), Anna McRae (Year 11), Emily Gordon (Year 11), Alyssa Wedd (Year 9), Kendall Lane (Year 12), Anna Dowling (Year 9), Phoebe Cox (Year 7), Georgina Ryan (Year 12), Litiana Field (Year 12), Tegan Neowhouse (Year 10), Charlotte Wilson (Year 12) and Madison Lane (Year 12).

📷 (from left back): PLS 6 - Coach Oliver Flack, Eliza Ying (Year 8), Olivia Lambert (Year 9), Sophie Angus (Year 9), Bronte Jackson (Year 9), Abby Nailand (Year 8), Chloe Hayward (Year 8), Sophie Rogut (Year 9), Gwendalyn Dabaja (Year 9), Caitlyn Argy (Year 8), Heidi Osborne (Year 8), Alexandra Clarke (Year 8), Ava Hanmer (Year 7) and Julie Lee (Year 7).


IGSSA Netball

2017 season has been one of the most challenging and rewarding seasons I have been involved with at PLC Sydney. I was most impressed with the comradery of all who helped out other teams during the season, while peers were struck down with sickness. We couldn’t have achieved the overwhelming results mentioned below without this help.

Our Senior Firsts had a rewarding season, after an intense preseason training, in the highly competitive S02 grade. They proudly managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals, taking fourth spot and were drawn against first place NEGS for a spot in the final. In the semi-finals, after a real battle, the scores were tied in the last three minutes creating excitement around the court. However, it wasn’t to be our day, with NEGS coming away with the win 23-20 and then going on to win the final 28-23 against Roseville.

📷 Senior Firsts.

Congratulations to our eight teams who made the finals (Senior 4, Senior 6, Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, Junior E, 7A and 7C) and the four who manage to take the win on the day. 

Junior A’s - won against ROS14, 33 -28 

Junior C’s - won against SVC16, 34 - 9

7A’s - won against MER18, 17 - 18

7C’s - won against  ABB26, 14 - 13

📷 Junior A's (from left): Coach Sue, Alexandra Schroder (Year 9), Kim Leng (Year 9), Juanita Lake (Year 8), Abigail Edwards (Year 9), Maggie O’Reilly (Year 9), Halle Fisher (Year 9), Mia Pasin (Year 8), Eva Hopwood (Year 8) and Katey Cox (Year 8).

📷 Junior C's (from left): Ariane Sharpe (Year 8), Olivia Gleason (Year 8), Freya Bushby (Year 7), Rebecca McLean (Year 7), Krystal Rahardja (Year 8), Dominique Grunert (Year 8), Alexandra Jenneke (Year 8), Sophie McLachlan (Year 7), Ameline Archis (Year 8 and, Monique Saad (Year 8).

📷 7A's (from back left): Niamh Bryce-Stark (Year 7), Zara Wiesner (Year 7), Victoria McLeod (Year 7), Anita Culhane (Year 7), Stephanie Eldridge (Year 7), Georgia Macdessi  (Year 7), Coach Laura, Halle Smith (Year 7), Emily Morrison (Year 7) and Lara Marassa (Year 7).



📷 7C's (from back left): Zahra Kutty (Year 7), Sienna Earls (Year 7), Emma McFarlane (Year 7), Yasmin Hunt (Year 7), Julia McInerney (Year 7), Holly Rasmussen (Year 7), Anastasia Vassilaras (Year 7), Coach Ally, Abigail Morrison (Year 7) and Amelia Cameron (Year 7).


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