Transition Spectacular 2017

Beaming Lights. Backstage Chaos. Makeup and mic’d. The lights dim as family, friends and ex-students cheered in support for us, the excited but nervous performers. 


As always, the Transition Spectacular delivered a night of laughter, emotional tears and sheer joy. We delighted our audience with dances, poetry, plays, talks, skits, singing and a range of musical instruments. Weeks of hard work certainly paid off. We had endured self-doubt, some tears and frustration, as we strived to be the best we could be. We all shined in our own way. Transition Spectacular 2017 was a test of commitment and perseverance. It was worth every little bit of effort. 

The audience, our fans, went wild at the end of our show. They showered us with compliments and praise. This was a truly a night that we will remember forever.

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