IPSHA Social Action Expo

On Wednesday 26 July, the Junior School Community Service Captains and some Year 6 Leaders went to the IPSHA Social Action Expo at The Kings Preparatory School with Mrs Galvin. The Social Action Expo is held every two years and is an opportunity for students and teachers from schools around Sydney to meet, discuss how their school raises money for charities and share ideas for supporting different charities in the future. Each school organises a stall for their chosen charity and explains to visitors what activities they do to support that charity.  


The organisers of the Social Action Expo invite guest speakers to talk to students about what they do. This year, Mr Peter Bodman, CEO of Kids with Cancer Foundation the IPSHA Federal Charity, explained how this charity was different to others as it helps kids from the second they are born. He explained they did not just raise money for one particular thing but, over the 18 years the charity has been running, had raised $19 million for things the doctors and families needed most. The money has supported, research, transportation of patients, helped families pay bills and provided grocery vouchers. 

issue1517-social-action-3The Year 6 students created a stall for Dorcas, a social service of the Presbyterian Women’s Association. A display of wool, knitting needles, photographs of girls knitting and some of the Junior School’s fabulous rugs were set up in the hall. We explained how Dorcas began and the way PLC Sydney supports people who are less fortunate by creating rugs for the winter months and donating baby garments. 
During the afternoon session, we were shown how to make a bin liner out of a newspaper to help reduce plastic waste. 
The Social Action Expo was a worthwhile and inspiring experience.

Sienna Haigh (Year 6)


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