Fuel Leadership Conference 2017

On the weekend of August 18, a group of 30 students from The Scots College and PLC Sydney came together for the annual Fuel Leadership Conference held at Port Hacking. One of the key aspirations we have as chaplains at both the Scots and PLC is to grow and equip our students with leadership skills and qualities that are modelled on Christ and his servant-leadership.



We train and equip students through a series of Bible talks, delivered this year by Rev Craig Tucker. We also run various workshops for specific leadership and ministry skills. A group of ex-students (Ruby Watters, Natasha Chafei and Despina Bouletos from PLC Sydney along with Ian Xing, Austin Irwin and Angus Key from The Scots College) also joined us to come and lead in discussion groups and workshops.


issue1517-fuel-5Students were asked what was most valuable to them at this year’s conference, here are some of their thoughts:


'I loved the two workshops I attended, one was on how we answer tough questions and the other one was on discipleship. It was a space to ask deeper questions. I also really enjoyed fireside (nightly camp fire) because it reminded me of the real community I belong to. I also really treasured the quality times, a moment in the day where I could quietly reflect, read the bible and pray.' Rebekah Kang (Year 11)


'I found the quality time, the talks from Craig Tucker and singing worship the most valuable to me. Quality time gave me a chance to reflect on Craig's talks which were inspiring and full of wisdom about servant, Christian Leadership. I always enjoy the worship together as a whole group because it brings both The Scots College and PLC Sydney closer to Jesus.' Jacob Shannon (Year 12).


'Everyone was so welcoming and nice, so it was easy to approach and talk to people. I loved all the songs we sang at the conference, as well as the fireside. The discussion groups were also very helpful and encouraging, as well as the prayer groups. I absolutely loved all the time I spent with everyone singing songs and the workshops. Games were awesome which also made the camp very memorable.' Felicia Guo (Year 9).


'Two things I valued most: the Bible talks were encouraging and challenging to grow as a follower of Jesus. It was good having ex-students lead the discussion group. The longer workshops were excellent, a lot more material was covered.' Jordan Ng (Year 12).

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