Senior Tournament of Minds team takes Honours

issue1517-tom-seniorsImage (from left): Stephanie Howes (Year 9), Marina Ruan (Year 7), Julia Cummins (Year 8), Anneka Sach ( Year 9), Angela Liu (Year  7), Olivia Papadopoulos (Year 7) and Brielle Papadopoulos (Year 8) received Honours in the Tournament of Minds Engineering and Mathematics Challenge. 

In an activity where curiosity, perseverance and teamwork come together a team of seven PLC students showed great strength when they participated in the Tournament of Minds (ToM) Engineering and Mathematics Challenge, taking out Honours in this category in the Regionals at Roseville College on Sunday 27th August. The team, Stephanie Howes (Year 9) Anneka Sach ( Year 9), Brielle Papadopoulos (Year 8), Julia Cummins (Year 8), Olivia Papadopoulos (Year 7), Marina Ruan (Year 7) and Angela Liu (Year  7), independently researched and came up with a solution to the challenge, 'A one way trip to Mars'. Students were required to do something that hasn’t been asked of them in any of their classes; to build a lottery machine with an undetectable modification that could select preferred candidates for the space mission. The team needed to be able to explain the Mathematics behind the challenge and to take this even further, by putting their solution into a dramatic performance that showed finesse in stagecraft. After their performance the team demonstrated their group thinking process in the second round of the competition; the nail biting spontaneous challenge.

Students who elected to take on the ToM competition have extended their learning beyond the classroom, pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and have gained skills that have real life application in the workplace. Yet it was their sense of fun that has been any important quality both on the day and in the lead up to the event.

I would like to congratulate not only the students themselves who showed such ingenuity but all the team who brought them to this point; their parents, for their positivity and encouragement  and teachers past and present across diverse Key Learning Areas, Mathematics, Science, Drama and English who have equipped them with a solid foundation of skills to attempt this challenge. 

Ms Belinda Corfield
TOM Facilitator


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