Maths Update

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

Congratulations to 116 girls, from Years 4-9, who took part in the Challenge Stage of the Mathematics for Young Australians Competition. Year 4 has participated for the first time in 2017 and I congratulate them for their hard work and resilience in this program. These girls have enrichment lessons weekly where Mrs Papavasileiou assists in clarifying the detail of the questions and gives encouragement. This three week intensive course is an introduction to difficult problem solving where they can work with a buddy. It is followed by a more difficult Enrichment Stage over a longer period of time, where they must work on their own. Dr Dawe and teachers, Mrs Basford, Mrs Bruce and Mrs Balkizas, are very proud of the girls’ enthusiasm and commitment to the enrichment program. Girls in each year group work throughout the year and develop their skills through investigation, mathematical proof and complex ideas beyond the school curriculum. 


Image: Credit, Distinction and High Distinction certificate winners of the 2017 Mathematics for Young Australians Competition.

Congratulations to the 45 girls who received a Credit in the competition and to the following girls who received high distinctions and distinctions:

  • High Distinction - Jessica Chen (Year 7), Anna Lee (Year 7) and Horatia Ma (Year 8).
  • Distinction - Madeline Chang (Year 6), Eujiny Cho (Year 6), Alessia Dal Pane (Year 7), Molly He (Year 7), Vanessa Kwa (Year 8), Yian Li (Year 8), Angela Liu (Year 7), Annabelle Qiu (Year 7), Krystal Rahardja (Year 8), Marina Ruan (Year 7), Jasmin Usham (Year 7), Yvonne Zhao (Year 7), Catherine Chen (Year 7), Rhiane Fotaras (Year 7), Ameera Parker (Year 7), Meredith Zhang (Year 8), Jenny Gao (Year 8), Olivia Low (Year 7), Kimberley Ta (Year 7), Jessica Cheng (Year 9), Rainy Yang (Year 9), Linda Wang (Year 9), Caitlyn Wong (Year  9), Linda Liu (Year 9), Amanda Lu (Year 9)  and Catherine Zhao (Year 9).

UNSW 55th Annual School Mathematics Competition 2017

This year, PLC Sydney girls have been successful in achieving a High Distinction, Distinction and Credit in the very difficult and long UNSW School Mathematics Competition. We are proud that 43 PLC Sydney girls from Years 8-11 elected to enter this three hour long competition. Four girls from Years 9 and 10 have achieved success in the Junior Section and have been invited to a prestigious presentation ceremony at UNSW on Friday 8 September, along with the prize winners from other schools (many of which are selective schools).


Image (from left): Ziyi Que (Year 10), Rainy Yang (Year 9), Angeni Bai (Year 10), Claire Shi (Year 10) and Mr Sinclair.

UNSW are supportive in encouraging females to pursue Mathematics at tertiary level and as part of this we were invited to participate in the Girls Do Maths day this year. We are very grateful to UNSW for awarding a $200 scholarship to a high achieving PLC Sydney student studying HSC Mathematics at the highest level.

Each year, PLC Sydney enters students in Years 8 -10 in the Junior Division and Year 11 in the Senior Division of the UNSW School Mathematics Competition which extends to schools overseas from Singapore, China and other countries in Asia. The feature of the Competition is that it is an open book three hour exam where extra marks are awarded for innovative and imaginative solutions at the discretion of the examiners. It is not the final answer, but the thinking displayed by candidates which is the focus of attention. 

Dr Lloyd Dawe, PLC Sydney Mathematician in Residence, mentors the girls throughout the year and provides Mathematics enrichment lessons during lunchtime. Dr Dawe enriches the program in the classes he visits by presenting material that is beyond the school curriculum. Students are learning new approaches to problem solving and new content required for a solution. Teachers and students gain an insight into various ways of problem solving at a higher level than required by the NSW curriculum. 

Congratulations to the following girls for their amazing efforts:

  • Claire Shi (Year 10) High Distinction, $100 prize
  • Angeni Bai (Year 10) Distinction top, $50 prize
  • Ziyi Que (Year 10) Distinction, $50 prize
  • Rainy Yang (Year 9) Credit


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