Junior Tournament of Minds Teams Success

PLC Sydney participated in Tournament of Minds (ToM). ToM required us to use our thinking skills to create a solution to a long-term challenge, and think on our feet to solve a spontaneous challenge. We were judged on our teamwork, creativity and presentation skills. We had to work well as a team when preparing our long term challenge. No outside assistance was allowed and issues had to be dealt with by the team. This made the teams stronger and helped us to handle complications.


Image (left): The Social Sciences team were awarded Honours. Image (right): The Language and Literature team won first place and will compete in the state finals.

ToM has inspired all of us to cooperate in activities and has assisted us to problem solve and build teamwork and cooperation. Our final presentations were outstanding and both teams received highly commendable results. 

Our Language and Literature team, consisting of students Matilda Hefferan (Year 5), Chloe Sargiss (Year 5), Chantel Sargiss (Year 5), Olivia Stavrakis (Year 6), Eujiny Cho (Year 6), Billie Ronis (Year 6) and Alexandra Reid-Queeney (Year 6) came in first place and will compete in the State finals this Sunday.
Our Social Sciences team, Laura Grehan (Year 6), Olivia Thompson (Year 6), Vahini Naidoo (Year 6), Raehana Taoube (Year 6), Sarah McPhail (Year 5), Lucy Peter (Year 5) and Zara Howard- Jones (Year 5), received honours and were placed second, in a field of 16, in their category.
ToM was a very enjoyable experience for all members of the teams and taught us many skills.

Vahini Naidoo (Year 6) and Alexandra Reid-Queeney (Year 6)


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