An Announcement from the Principal

I write to inform you about a number of very important matters.


Mrs Deryn Smyth


Mrs Deryn Smyth will retire as Head of PLC Sydney Junior School at the close of Term 2, 2018 after 36 years of service.

Mrs Smyth has spoken with me about her retirement plans over the past 12 months. This timing enables her to both enjoy the new Junior School and to enable our Hamilton students to settle in to the new premises securely and effectively.

What a wonderful educator and servant of PLC Sydney Mrs Smyth is and has been! She is an outstanding leader, communicator and such a considerate and compassionate person. We will miss her greatly. I know that I have enjoyed working with her very much. She is deeply committed to the girls, to the staff and to the families of the College.

Mrs Smyth started her career in 1982 as a Primary Teacher at PLC Sydney. In 1998 she became Infants' Mistress and in 1991, Assistant Head of Junior School, then Deputy Head of Junior School in 2007, before taking on the role of Head of Junior School from 2014. 

Thankfully Mrs Smyth’s skills will not be lost to us. PLC Sydney is just commencing the task of setting up early learning centres (for three year olds), in partnership with the Presbyterian Church, at churches in our local area. We want to offer part-time child care (two or three days per week) to families in our local area. I have asked Mrs Smyth to oversee the development of a quality education model at these centres. This will involve her in part-time work: ensuring that each centre offers a level of learning that would be stimulating and fun, engaging and secure, and within our Christian framework for education. I am confident that under Mrs Smyth’s leadership, students who attend PLC Sydney Early Learning Centres will be ready to enter our Pre-K classes or another local learning environment.

We will now advertise for her replacement, searching for an excellent educator to lead our Junior School.



Image (front right): Mrs Deryn Smyth 1982.

Ms Dale Anthony

Ms Dale Anthony will retire as Head Teacher: Learning and Teaching at the end of 2017 after 38 years of service.

Ms Anthony is a superb educator who has been responsible for the quality of teaching in PLC Sydney classrooms for the past four years. Prior to this, she was Head Teacher: Curriculum for 14 years. As a Principal, I can think of few people whom I have worked with who have had such a well-rounded understanding of education as Ms Anthony. Ms Anthony is a wise and ethically-motivated person, always conscious of what is fair and right. She cares for the well-being of every student – both those who voice their views and those who do not. Her contribution to the smooth running of the College cannot be understated. She has led the staff in creating the College as a learning environment for many years. 

Ms Anthony started her career at PLC Sydney in 1979 as a French/German and sometimes History teacher, in the secondary school. From 1983-1990 she combined that with the role of Careers Advisor and then Year Group Director (Years 9-12) from 1993-1997. From 1998-2011, Ms Anthony took on the role of Head Teacher: Curriculum before moving into her current role as Head Teacher: Learning and Teaching. 

We are currently interviewing for Ms Anthony’s replacement. An announcement will be made soon.



Image (middle left): Ms Dale Anthony with Year 10 students in 1979.


The Gateway Project

Students in our Junior School will start to inhabit the new Junior School on the first day of Term 4, 2017. Year 6 will be first to enter. We expect all students to be able to enter the College through the Meta Street gates on the first day of Term 4. Reception will move to Meta Street on this day. 

It will take us two to three weeks to bring all students into the new premises. A staged entry meets our high standards for safety. We must safely remove the demountable buildings, enabling the final landscaping to be completed where the demountables are currently situated. There are some works – for example the Insectarium – which are due to be built where demountables are currently placed. On current estimation, we will be able to occupy the whole site on 8 November 2017. 

Whilst we will be operating in the new premises throughout Term 4, we have decided to delay the official opening of the building until the start of 2018. This will enable everything to be in perfect order for the big day. The fields, in particular, will need time to regrow. A 2018 opening will enable the grass to ‘take’ on Drummond Field and in the new playground areas. 

Over the next few weeks, Mrs Smyth will inform Junior School families about the process of our move. Mrs Chiba will inform Senior School families.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Paul Burgis