HSC Design Exhibition 2017


Image 1 (from left): Miss Georgia Perivolaris with student award winners, Vanessa Lubrano, Savvena Christoforou, Katherine Chen and Isabella Dorigo and teachers, Mr Mark Hetherington and Ms Jo Herrmann.
Image 2: Gallery visitors at the HSC Design Exhibition 2017. 
Image 3 (from left): Year 11 Food Technology students Abby McQueen-Paice and Abby Lennon.

This year’s PLC Sydney HSC Design Exhibition, showcasing major projects by Year 12 students of Design and Technology (D&T) and Textiles and Design (T&D), opened at Adelaide Perry Gallery on Tuesday 25 July. The event was catered for by Year 11 Food Technology students, under the guidance of Mrs Cathy Wedd, whose excellent finger food and refreshments greeted the Gallery visitors.
2016 Art and Design Captain, Miss Georgia Perivolaris, whose T&D major project was exhibited in the Shape 2016 and Texstyle 2017 exhibitions, returned to the Croydon as special guest speaker at the event. Georgia is currently studying a double degree in Business and Creative Intelligence & Innovation at UTS. She reflected on the challenges she encountered and the strategies she employed in completing two successful major projects for her HSC, congratulating the girls on their achievements. 
Head of Technological and Applied Studies, Ms Jo Herrmann, continued the official proceedings and commended this year’s HSC D&T and T&D students. She spoke with appreciation of the support from teachers, friends and family that is invaluable for students completing a major project.

Awards were then presented to the following students:

  • Creative Design and Consistent Effort in T&D: Savvena Christoforou and Isabella Dorigo
  • Creative Design and Consistent Effort in D&T: Katherine Chen and Vanessa Lubrano

Gifts of thanks on behalf of this year’s HSC design students were presented to Mrs Maria Nastasi (T&D) and Ms Nadine Emans (D&T) by Christina Ruoff & Keira Hajek respectively.

To close proceedings, Vanessa Li, Art and Design Captain thanked Miss Perivolaris for her participation at the event. Gallery Curator Mr Mark Hetherington extended his appreciation to the staff at the Croydon and congratulated the girls on their achievements in bringing the exhibition together.

PLC Sydney's HSC Design exhibition 2017 continues weekdays 8.30 am – 4.00 pm weekdays until 12 pm Friday 4 August at Adelaide Perry Gallery.


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