NSW Schools Titration Competition


Congratulations to Year 11 students Olivia Beck, Hingis Li and Amelia Phillis who will be representing NSW at the National Titration Competition. Read their recount of the NSW Schools Titration competition below. 

On Friday 16 June, 24 PLC Sydney students competed in the 2017 NSW Schools Titration competition at Sydney University. This is the largest competition of its kind in Australia and was a great opportunity to practice a skill that is essential for the Year 12 Chemistry course. Students compete in teams of three and, in 90 minutes, perform a set of acid-base titrations to determine the unknown concentration of dilute acetic acid. A team's score will depend on the accuracy of the work of its members. 

All our hard work and training sessions paid off as we came first place in Lab C with an overall score of 11! Congratulations to Phoebe Denham and Sherie Pan who both obtained a perfect score of 0 in each of their individual titrations.

This event was such a valuable experience and we would like to congratulate everyone who participated as well as thank our chemistry teachers Mrs Hendriks, Ms Cull, Mrs Mcgrouther and Mr Lawton-Wade for their support and encouragement. 

Olivia Beck, Hingis Li and Amelia Phillis (Year 11).

Image 1 (from left): Amelia Phillis, Olivia Beck and Hingis Li with Professor Janette Hurst from Sydney University.
Image 2: PLC Sydney participants of the 2017 NSW Schools Titration competition at Sydney University


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