Dear PLC Sydney Community

issue1217-linda-chiba-2Our students have settled well into Term 3. Year 12 students are in the final week of their HSC trial examinations. The girls are calm and confident. I hope that parents feel the same too. 

For other year groups, Term 3 is a time for consolidation of learning and preparation for the exam periods ahead. The College is settled and there is a quiet feel of determination in the air as students set learning goals, plan their study timetable and engage meaningfully in their learning. 

Our indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students led our NAIDOC celebrations last week. This year the focus was on highlighting the importance, resilience and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. It was a joyful and moving acknowledgement of the importance of language and its connection to maintaining cultural ties and heritage. An issue that is important for all of us in our diverse community and nation.

Tonight we look forward to the Transition Spectacular. The preparation for this event is always exciting and happy. It is the most joyous of evenings. 

One of the blessings of sitting in Dr Burgis’ office is that I can hear the peels of laughter from the girls both young and old floating up to the top of Shubra Hall throughout the day. I am reminded that PLC Sydney is a place of joy and happiness. The gardens are regenerating, the flowers are coming into bloom and the sun has been shining. God is indeed good. 

I commend to you an article written by Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University in The Atlantic this week about the destructive impact of smartphones on young people. Whilst this article Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation at times makes some rather alarming predictions, reading it has strengthened my resolve to help students manage their mobile phone use at least while they are at school each day. 

Ms Dale Anthony, Head Teacher, Learning and Teaching has announced her retirement at the end of the year. There will be time later in the year to honour her and the incredible contribution she has made to PLC Sydney over the years. For now, we thank Ms Anthony for her commitment, professionalism and complete dedication to PLC Sydney. Her vision for learning and teaching at PLC Sydney has not only had a lasting impact on the students and staff but more importantly on the excellence that the College has achieved over many decades. Congratulations Ms Anthony. We all applaud you. 

Mrs Linda Chiba
Acting Principal