NSW EVATT Debating Competition


Image 1 (from left): Sherie Pan (Year 11) and Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 11).

Image 2 (from left back): Ling Ling Lin (Year 10), Heloise Arraj (Year 10), Eliza Martin (Year 9), Gwendalyn Dabaja (Year 9), Amanda Lu (Year 9), Audrey Tanama (Year 9), Louisa Cusumano (Year 9), Claire Shi (Year 10), Sherie Pan (Year 11), Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 11) and Nina Power (Year 9).

On Wednesday 31 May PLC Sydney hosted a Preliminary Round of the NSW Evatt Debating competition.

Evatt is a Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition for students in Years 9-12. More than 2,000 students compete in Evatt each year. This year PLC Sydney had 10 teams competing, in groups of two. The program is a platform for youth to step into the shoes of a UN delegate and to negotiate, research and debate on their behalf in a model Security Council.

Sherie and I represented the Kazakhstani delegation. We debated resolutions including: the banning of ‘fake news’ outlets; the question of electoral interference (particularly in regard to Russia’s speculated interference in the American election); and, the annexation of Crimea.  It was a platform for personal growth and development in a number of ways. As model UN delegates who represented what is widely considered an illegitimate democracy, we were challenged to engage with foreign political ideas. We became knowledgeable on a number of topics that can be argued lack relevance to Australia. However, awareness of these current affairs is an integral part of being engaged global citizens. 'Evatt is an extremely valuable experience that Sherie and I will not forget for its ability to open our eyes to the global conflicts from which we are often distanced from in Australia. Overall, we are extremely thankful that we were given this invaluable opportunity to learn, debate and step out of our comfort zone.'  
Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 11)

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