Artist Rachel Milne visits Year 9 Visual Arts


Image 1: Visiting artist Rachel Milne.
Image 2: Year 9 Visual Arts students attended a full-day artmaking working with artist Rachel Milne.

On Wednesday 24 May Year 9 Elective Visual Arts students attended an inspiring full-day artmaking workshop in The Croydon studios with invited guest artist Rachel Milne.

As a part of the Light and Life painting program, students were treated to an interior painting workshop with Rachel and a chance to see her in action at PLC Sydney.

Rachel brought with her a few examples of her incredible interior painting works and gave our budding young artists a lively PowerPoint discussion about her career as a painter. During the day, she demonstrated her drawing and painting techniques and her preferred process of building neutral tonal grounds from high to low key before building up layers of more intense colour and realist details. Rachel gave the girls instruction on colour theory and showed them how to block in layers of light, colour and form to develop depth in a work. Rachel guided the students through how to create structural working drawings before beginning a painting and they made small scale studies on the day in preparation for their final works. Rachel Milne is represented by King Street Galleries and has been selected for the NSW Salon des Refuses and has been a finalist for NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Kilgour Prize, and the Caleen Art Award.

During the day Rachel displayed excellent role modelling as a young artist and encouraged the girls to find their own voice as female artists and to `be brave’ in their artmaking practice. She also asked them to squint their eyes to see beyond the immediate subject and pay attention to light and form reminding them that `detail is the enemy’ when starting their work.

This was a very rewarding and inspiring day for our young artists of the College. Later in the day the girls stretched their own canvases in preparation for their final Messy Interiors painting composition which they have now started with enthusiasm.
Ms Jo Knight
Head Visual Arts

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