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I wish in this issue of Connections to focus on two words we use a great deal at PLC Sydney: ‘Excellence’ and ‘Reach’.

By ’Excellence’ we mean that we want PLC Sydney to be a College where students can achieve at the highest possible levels. By ‘Reach’ we mean that we want PLC Sydney to be a College where every student has many opportunities to grow and every student flourishes.

Excellence: We have been overjoyed with the accomplishments of students in our College recently. Just last Friday we held a ceremony in which a record number of students received the PLC Sydney Australian Blazer. This special jacket is awarded to students who represent their country whilst at school. The seven recipients on Friday 26 May were:

  • Litiana Field (Year 12) - Australian U20s Hockey Team
  • Jade Lin (Year 12) - Australian Schools Public Speaking Team at World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships
  • Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 11) - Australian Schools Public Speaking Team and Australian Student Science Team at the International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Kelsey Lu (Year 12) - Australian Schools Public Speaking Team
  • Eliza Martin (Year 9) - Australian Student Science Team
  • Rebekah Kang (Year 11) - Australian Student Science Team
  • Lina Cho (Year 11)  - Australian Schools Public Speaking Team

These girls have been creative and diligent. Rebecca placed third in the ‘Environmental Science’ category with her research into the use of magnetite in cleaning up oil spills. Eleanor won the prize for Giftedness and Creativity into the effects of rising freshwater temperatures. Jade finished fourth in the world in debating and Eleanor finished fifth overall.

Yet the excellence does not belong to a few.


The ISDA Debating Competition involves all of the big independent girls, boys and coeducational schools. The semi-finals were held this week. Congratulations to our ‘Firsts’, our Senior ‘A’ team, to our Year 9 debaters, our Junior ‘A’ team and our Primary ‘B’ team on making the semi-finals. The table on the left shows the number of teams from each school reaching the semi-final stage of the competition.

I note that out of over 40 schools PLC Sydney has the third largest number of teams after two selective independent schools – Abbotsleigh and Grammar. Well done girls and well done to Mrs Sidoti, Head of Debating, in the senior and her team and to Ms Wilson, in the Junior School.

Reach: There are numerous examples of the College reaching each student. The following examples actually combine a striving for both ‘excellence’ and ‘reach’. I note some of the developments that commenced this year that are working very well and some updated statistics:

  • The PLC Sydney Drama Company will be presenting its inaugural production 21 and 22 July 2017. It is called ‘Inheritance’. Come and enjoy this fine new initiative
  • Again in Drama, the students in the Shakespeare Tournament have represented us well
  • The quality of the Theatre Sports students is phenomenal. They continue to win their rounds and progress through to higher levels of their competitions
  • The Riversdale Dreaming Exhibition in ‘The Croydon’ was beautiful
  • Our Sports results from term 1 were wonderful with a 63% win rate overall. It is important that students learn to win and to lose. I am pleased that we are performing very well overall.

I could give many more examples. I am just so proud of our students. They really thrive and encourage others.


The new Hamilton is now due to be completed at the close of Term 3. The builders have made good progress this term. Over the next few weeks you should see:

  • The archways at the entrance completed
  • The blue glazed bricks enclosing the round administration building
  • The balustrades being installed
  • The ground levels for the playground being changed to allow for the pouring of the ramp to level 1
  • PLC Sydney Firsts Debating Team (Senior A's) are through to the Grand Final of the ISDA competition. They will be debating against MLC Burwood. This is an exceptional achievement.
  • Our PLC Sydney Year 6 team is through to the ISDA Grand Final. After being undefeated all season they too will be debating MLC Burwood.
  • Congratulations to our Year 9 team which lost their semi-final on a split decision, and to our Year 7, 8 and Senior B teams which all made the finals. 

Dr Paul Burgis

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