Dear PLC Sydney Community

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In this edition of Connections I would like to address the topics of the 2016 Open Day and Fair; a trip I am going on; the future of the leadership of the Junior School and the Gateway Project.

Firstly, I congratulate the PLC Sydney P & F Association on their astonishing presentation of yet another PLC Sydney Fair. What a magnificent day it was! And I congratulate PLC Sydney staff on an excellent Open Day. Saturday 7 May was a tremendous success.


The Open Day and Fair fulfils three purposes:

  1. It is an act of hospitality. We welcome each other and new people to our community. It is open and inclusive. It is a type of ‘embrace’ of all that is good: love, children, joy, kindness, connection, acceptance, organisation, patience and self-control. We celebrate learning and we celebrate girls and young women. If making people feel welcome in a spirit of hospitality is the standard, Saturday 7 May was an outstanding success. As usual, the school community really connected with everyone. 
  2. We introduce PLC Sydney to new families. We offered tours for new families, they were very well attended. It was a busy day for all involved. We have considerable enrolment pressure and congratulate the students who led tours.
  3. Financial support for our programs. We expected a marginal drop in income this year due to the Gateway Project. The revenue will be slightly lower – but not a great deal. Thank you for your support.

Secondly, I will be working away from the College for the next three weeks. 

The trip I will be on has two purposes:

  1. To carefully consider the future of classrooms at PLC Sydney through the attendance of a four-day conference on the creation of excellent learning spaces.
  2. To ensure that our Boarding House is known and celebrated in global communities.

PLC Sydney College Council is forward-facing. As the new Junior School is being built we are examining the replenishment of Senior School classrooms. These can be done incrementally as part of our regular frameworks for school improvement since they involve refurbishment – not a complete rebuild. I am thus attending a conference on the topic of the future of learning spaces in schools, to ensure that future class spaces, from Science laboratories to English rooms, are excellent.

The second part of the trip is to promote the College internationally. We have about forty international students in the College. Some come from South-East Asia and some from Europe. I will be attending functions in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. The London event links us with families who are immigrating to Australia and to ex-students. 

In 2017 I will undertake a similar trip, but in rural NSW, meeting possible boarders from country regions.
Thirdly, I would like to inform you about a delay in the Gateway Project. We have had significant complications with the underground high voltage cable that supports the railway. There are no safety issues, it is simply a matter of getting the proper regulatory approvals. It is projected that there will be an eight week delay on our original schedule. Our Project Managers are doing all they can to speed this process up. 

Finally, I have some excellent news. Mrs Smyth has agreed to continue in her role as Head of Junior School throughout 2017. She was considering retiring at the close of 2016. We are blessed to have such an experienced, able and innovative leader and it is great news for the College that she will continue in her current role.

Dr Paul Burgis