Macindoe Research Centre

connections-issue0816-macindoe-thWe all want the Macindoe Research Centre (MRC) to be both a fabulous place to learn and work, and a warm and welcoming environment.

Each week the MRC provides the following services:

  • Afternoon Homework Club
  • A place to read and learn for students
  • Senior student study rooms
  • Spaces for different clubs and performances
  • Staff assistance for student research
  • A café in which to sit and chat.

As winter approaches, we are aware there are a few parents would love to have the café open beyond 4.00 pm. This creates a challenge for us. We would like to be hospitable, yet we need to use resources wisely. Our priority must be to place staff with students who are using the library and its related services.

Therefore, if you need to wait at school beyond 4.00 pm, you are warmly invited to find a good spot in the Gymnasium or Aquatic Centre or you could use one of the local cafes. Whilst the MRC is open until 6.00 pm, unfortunately we can’t accommodate longer hours for the café.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we do place the learning of the girls above all other considerations in setting up our structures.

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