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PLC Sydney Open Day and Fair 2016

A Message from the Principal

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Dear PLC Sydney Community
In this edition of Connections I would like to address the topics of the 2016 Open Day and Fair; a trip I am going on; the future of the leadership of the Junior School and the Gateway Project.
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Important Information for Parents & Students

Issue 0715_Homework Club
Parent Seminar: About Busyness
Our lives are busy. School is busy. We are busy - all the time. Is there any way to get off the treadmill so life feels a bit more under control?
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Key dates & Upcoming Events

Year 7 Mother Daughter Dinner
You and your daughter are warmly invited to the Year 7 Annual Mother Daughter Dinner.
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Student Achievements

NSW All Schools Swimming and Diving Carnival
Our talented and enthusiastic swimmers and divers competed at the NSW All Schools with incredible results.
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Student Events & Activities

Music Notes
Pipes and Drums travelled to Albury for the Scots School's 150th Anniversary Celebrations.
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PLC Sydney Community

2016 Open Day and Fair
PLC Sydney's 2016 Open Day and Fair was another huge success this year.
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