PLC Sydney students receive ASCA honours

issue0616-speech-juniorsissue0616-speech-seniorsPLC Sydney celebrated excellence in Speech Australian Speech Communication Association examinations by awarding medallions to top students at assemblies recently.

The College is the largest examination centre for ASCA Speech examinations in NSW, with in excess of 120 Junior students and 110 Senior students being assessed in a wide range of oral presentations, speeches, poems, and dramatic monologues. 

Congratulations to eight recipients of the Purple Medallion for Excellence, who received their ASCA nominated award for highest marks at PLC Sydney. These marks were some of the highest in the NSW state.

Junior School 2015: Chanel Chamoun, Isabella Cordaro, Sarah George, Chantel Sargiss, Chloe Sargiss.

Senior School 2015: Alison Chen, Kelsey Lu, Anneliese McCarthy.

The second highest award, the Blue Studio Medallion for outstanding performances, was presented to nine students.

Junior School 2015: Abby Cassen, Mia Fildissis, Rhiane Fotaras, Veronica Kwong, Angela Rofail, Maria Skiadopoulos, Paris Tomaras.

Senior School 2015: Makayla Angel-Merlino, Vanessa Li, Sophia King, Sherie Pan and Eliza Otton.

The Yellow Achievement Medallion was presented to eight students. This teacher-nominated award was given to students to who exceeded expectations by being committed to regular practice, persistently applying excellent effort, determination, perseverance and demonstrating improvement in examination tasks.

Junior School 2015: Claudia Caldis, Jessica Ying, Madeline Panos, and Monet Lowe.

Senior School 2015: Jacqueline Ciofani, Jade Clemm, Caroline Jenneke, Stephanie Lee.    

This was a record number of awards earned by PLC Sydney students. Congratulations to all students on maintaining an excellent record of outstanding results.



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