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2016 Solo Performers’ Competition – Results

 issue0616-music-voice_winners  issue0616-music-piano-winners  issue0616-music-strings-winners  

issue0616-music-band-winnersCongratulations to the 55 students who competed in the 2016 Solo Performers’ Competition. Our adjudicators this year were: Mr Richard Percival (Band), Mr Evgeny Sorkin (String), Ms Georgina Andrews (Voice) and Mr Oskar Ling (Piano).

All girls put in a fine effort and several of the performances were particularly noteworthy. Thank you girls and also to the parents and staff who came along to support them. A special thanks also goes to Mr Andrew Basile who did much of the accompanying work on piano.

The winner from each section will play at a forthcoming school assembly and also at this year’s Open Day and Fair.

Above (from top left): Voice section winners; Piano section winners; String section winners; Band section winners. 



1st: Chanel Chamoun (Year 7)

2nd: Jemima Lorenz (Year 12)

3rd: Annelise Giezekamp (Year 7)

Highly Commended: Lucy Yabsley (Year 11)

Highly Commended: Louisa Cusumano (Year 8)

Highly Commended: Sophie Ma (Year 10)

Highly Commended: Elli Giles (Year 9) 



1st: Jennifer Xu (Year 10)

2nd: Grace Zhu (Year 9)

3rd: Alison Chen (Year 11)

Highly Commended: Jenny Kim (Year 7)

Highly Commended: Hemans Chan (Year 8)

Highly Commended: Christina Shi (Year 9)



1st: Lily Dai (Year 8)

2nd: Nicole Sung (Year 12)

3rd: Isabella Zhu (Year 11)

Highly Commended: Belinda Thomas (Year 10)

Highly Commended: Vanessa Lin (Year 9)

Highly Commended: Madeline Panos (Year 7)

Highly Commended: Rebekah Kang (Year 10)

Highly Commended: Angela Gao (Year 11)



1st: Mikaela Sukkar (Year 10)

2nd: Emma Lui (Year 11)

3rd: Mathilde Schoepple (Year 9) 

Highly Commended: Phoebe Denham (Year 10)

Highly Commended: Beatrice Hobson (Year 12)

Highly Commended: Vanessa Kwa (Year 7)

Highly Commended: Haley Mills (Year 8)



Pipe Band and Wind Ensemble – ANZAC Day March

For the eighth year in a row our Pipe Band girls will perform throughout the city as part of the annual ANZAC Day March. They will be joined, for the first time, by the students and staff from the PLC Sydney Wind Ensemble. Be sure to tune into ABC1 on Monday 25 April to watch the coverage and see the Pipes and Drums and the Wind Ensemble together as they proudly represent PLC Sydney on this important day of commemoration.


2016 Open Day and Fair Music Performances

This year's Open Day and Fair will feature a number of music performances held throughout the day at different locations around the School.

To view the schedule for performance times and venues, please click the link below:

download-icon 2016 Open Day and Fair Music Performances (PDF 56.5KB)



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