Year 6 YLead Incursion

issue0516-ylead2issue0516-yleadOn Monday 29 February the Year 6 leaders had a fun day learningabout leadership and how important it is. We worked with Jackson and Bel whotalked about the qualities that an effective leader should display. We were involvedin a range of activities and games that included Stepping Stones, Wizards,Giants and Elves, and Appearance Changes. The three key actions we learnedabout were that every great leader grabs opportunities, takes initiative and demonstratesa positive energy.

The incursion was fast-paced and action packed, with challengingbut enjoyable and fun activities. We also had the opportunity to work withstudents we may not usually interact with in class. We all now feel betterequipped to carry out our roles as Year 6 Junior School leaders.

Tara Mueller, Holly Rasmussen and Eliza Salmon

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