Dear PLC Sydney Community

At the recent P & F Association meeting our new Junior School Technology Teacher, Ms Belinda Martins, gave a very clear presentation on the new technologies that we are introducing to the Junior School. We are very excited to have her working alongside all teachers Pre-K to 6 in their classes, teaching technology.

Parents will be aware that we are creating a technology room in the new Junior School, to sit alongside the new Science laboratory. Connected to these rooms will be our pond holding the long-necked turtle and nearby will be our insectarium with some giant stick insects.

In the Biological section of our Junior School Science Program students will learn about conservation and land care and contribute to the Taronga Zoo plans that seek to conserve our native species. Once we have proven our credentials we will apply to house the endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insect.

issue0615-turtle  issue0516-nao-robot  issue0516-mrbeebot  

The new technologies are already in the school in small numbers. We are very grateful to the Junior School Auxiliary and the P & F Association for funding a major expansion of the equipment. We will soon have a significant growth in the quality and scope of our equipment. We will both use items as soon as they arrive and get everything connected and in order ready for the new building.

Some of the equipment includes:

I have included only a small sample of the program. Across a seven year period students will move from basic to well-developed coding skills. This is part of our STEM work at PLC Sydney. To see the whole program please join us for a demonstration. We will exhibit these items and their applications at the Open Day and Fair on 7 May and will hold a special show at a P & F meeting later in the year.

Thank you to the JSA and the P & F Association for supporting our teachers as they enable students to be nimble with technology.

Dr Paul Burgis