National Young Leaders Day

Little things make the difference, more than the big things.

issue0416-leaders-dayOn Monday the 29 February, all the Year 6 Junior School Captains travelled by bus to the Allphones Arena to learn about leadership from well-known leaders.

We were inspired by Ben Austin and the Commissioner of the Police Force, Mr Andrew Scipione. They talked about the values of leadership and the qualities of a leader. They also made important points like the fact that little things make the difference, more than the big things.

One of the main messages that Andrew Scipione told us was that you need to make good choices, because even the little choices will affect you later in life. Ben Austin informed us that you need to stay true to yourself and lead by example and integrity. Ben Austin is a paralympic swimmer and only has one arm. This makes living and especially swimming hard, but he believed in himself and never stopped trying. He trained hard to get to where he is today. We think that this is another important life lesson because to reach your goal, you need to work hard and persist.

All the speakers told interesting stories, and we all learned valuable things about leadership. We had an enjoyable and fun time at the National Young Leaders Day, 2016.

By Georgia Macdessi and Satsuki Ota-Jones.

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