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One of the pieces of common feedback that has emerged from the previous three Year 12 Exit Interviews has been that some items in the uniform are too hot for summer and too cold for winter.

Junior School Staff have expressed independently a concern that Evandale girls have on too many layers on hot days. Thus we have had girls working only in their pinafores a number of times throughout the recent summer.

In order to address these concerns I spoke with the P & F Association and the School Executive and commenced a plan. Our Deputy Principal in the Senior School, Head of Junior school, Head of Sport and Head of Design and Technology formed a committee to look at the concerns and to develop a plan.

At two P & F Association meetings in the past six months I have raised the issue of uniform and I am grateful that P & F Association representatives are being selected to assist with the process.

We will also bring on board senior students to comment on the changes.

To date the committee has determined the following:

  • The central identifiers of the uniform must stay the same: black-watch tartan, school crest, school sporting colours etc.
  • The primary goal is to increase comfort – warmth in winter and coolness in summer
  • A second goal is to institute changes so as to not provide parents with further costs. Thus, any changes could be brought in over a period of time
  • A third goal is to update sports uniforms.

Uniform manufacturers have designers who have been engaged to provide possible prototypes. Thus far, their main suggestions are:

  • Introduction of a summer dress to enable girls to be cool and comfortable
  • Introduction of new hardy but easy-to-wear fabrics
  • Changes to the blazer
  • Introduction of a new garment to add another layer of warmth in winter
  • Year 10 to commence wearing the kilt in Term 1
  • Streamlining the sports uniform.

A preliminary ‘showing’ of the suggestions took place at the P & F meeting on Monday 7 March as part of the Principal’s Report. Parent input and student feedback will be invited over a period of months until the meeting on 5 May when a full presentation will be made. Ex-students will be consulted.

After further comment College Council will be shown the designs. Since the uniform is iconic to the College, the Council needs to approve the final designs. If this occurs in mid-year uniforms will be available for new students in 2017.

It is hoped that students who are new to the College in 2017 will be the first to wear the new uniform. Changes to Sports uniform will be staged in over a 24-month period.

We do not want to increase costs. Thus it is envisaged that students who are currently in Year 7 will be able to wear their current uniform in 2017 and into 2018. They will be due for the senior uniform in 2019. On the table for discussion at present is a full changeover by 2019.

Uniform changes always generate a lot of discussion. The company we are using has just undertaken this change at Abbotsleigh School. I was at a Principals’ meeting there recently and the community agreed that the changes have been very worthwhile.

Please join us at the next P & F Association meeting if you wish to hear more.

Dr Paul Burgis