Let's not get booked!

Due to changed traffic conditions in Croydon as a result of the train station refurbishment, Burwood Council traffic officers are currently monitoring the local area.

Specifically they are looking for:

  • Cars that overstay their time in the Young Street drop-off and pick-up designated zone
  • Illegal parking, particularly on Meta and Hennessy Streets
  • Drivers who make illegal turns or demonstrate other dangerous driving around the station precinct
  • Any other traffic infringements.

To ensure the safety of all students and local residents, please consider the following:   

1. If you are dropping off or picking up a Senior School student, wait in a nearby side street away from the main school traffic congestion, and ask your daughter to text you when she is at the drop-off and pick-up zone. This way you won't place yourself in the situation where you are waiting too long and may incur a fine.

2. Don't take risks with illegal parking. At the Roundabout we seek to assist younger students to get in their cars as quickly and safely as possible.

The College supports the enforcement of all road rules.

Dr Paul Burgis
PLC Sydney Principal

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