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Proposed Choral Music and History Immersion Tour to Europe in 2017 – Information Evening

In April 2017 the Music and History Departments are proposing to send a group of students and staff on a two-week performance and history tour of Germany, France, Belgium and England. The students will be fully immersed in the history and culture of Europe.

An Information Evening will be held on Monday 29 February from 6.00 pm in the MRC.

For further details or to complete the Expression of Interest form, please click on the link below or visit the 'Global Education' section on the PLC Sydney website:

2017 Choral Music and History Immersion Tour to Europe


2015 HSC Results  Congratulations

The Music Department has just been informed that a 3000 word essay presented by Karen Zhang Extension Music 2015, has been selected for inclusion in the program for ENCORE 2015. Karen wrote an extremely detailed essay with the title ‘Does Bebop Music Find its Genesis in Baroque Music?’; an essay in which she challenged and discussed this question.

Two other students from this year group were also nominated for ENCORE, Rachael Sung (Music 2 and Extension Performance) and Peyton Cole (Music 1 Performance). 

Annual Solo Performers’ Competition

This year's competition will be held from March to May. Students who play band instruments, stringed instruments, sing or play a keyboard instrument are encouraged to enter. A special trophy will go to the winners of each section and their names will be displayed on a new honour board.

All competitors will receive comments from external adjudicators. Family and friends are very welcome to watch the performers. The winner of each section will perform in a Senior School assembly and on the stage of the AKT at this year's Open Day and Fair.

Entries for the competition close on 27 February 2016. A fee of $25 will be required if an entry is late.

Dates for the competitions are:

Voice: Thursday  3 March, MRC, 3.30 pm
Adjudicator: Ms Georgina Andrews

Keyboard (piano and organ): Wednesday 9 March, MRC, 3.30 pm
Adjudicator: Mr Oskar Ling

Strings: Thursday 17 March, MRC, 3.30 pm
Adjudicator: Dr Evgeny Sorkin

Band Instruments: 31 March, MRC, 3.30 pm
Adjudicator: Mr Richard Percival

To download and a copy of the entry form click on the link below: 

Annual Solo Performers’ Competition Entry Form


Exciting news for Mikaela

Congratulations to Mikaela Sukkar in Year 10 who auditioned for and was accepted into 2016 Rising Stars program at the NSW Conservatorium of Music. Further to this she was awarded a scholarship to undertake the program, and will be taught by Shefali Pryor, Associate Principal of the SSO. We wish Mikaela all the very best.


Foundation Welcome Event

Thank you to the following students who came and played in the Baroque ensemble for the Annual Foundation welcome to parents that was held on Friday 12 February: Belinda Thomas, Sherie Pan,Taylor Chan, Sabena Bhadri, Rebekah Kang, Ellie Biernoff-Giles, Celine Farrugia, Vanessa Lin, Grace Zhu. Thank you you also to Mr O’Dea for organising the ensemble.


Composers at PLC Sydney

As part of our Composer Program at PLC Sydney, the Music Department has employed the services of two composers in 2016. Mr Paul Jarman will be returning to work with students in the Junior School and in the Elective Music classes. Paul is writing several works for our ensembles this year.

Mr Tim Oram will continue to work with individual Year 12 students, helping them refine their Core composition submitted work. Tim Oram is a freelance musician and arranger. Both gentlemen bring with them a wealth of knowledge across all styles of music.

Orff Schulwerk at PLC Sydney

issue0316-music-notesOn Friday 19 February, students in the Elective Music classes were given workshop lessons by Mr Doug Goodkin, world-renowned Orff Schulwerk expert.

The Orff Approach, is one of several developmental approaches including the Kodaly Method, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Suzuki Method used in music education. It combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to child's world of play. It was developed by the German composer Carl Orff (1895–1982) and his colleague Gunild Keetman during the 1920s. Carl Orff worked until the end of his life to continue the development and spread of his teaching method. The Orff Approach is now used throughout the world to teach students in a natural and comfortable environment. The term schulwerk is German for (literally) 'school work' or 'schooling', in this regard in the area of music. (Wikipedia)

Our Years 9-12 Elective students were given two sessions with Mr Goodkin in which they learnt and played Blues and Latin Salsa music. Our Music staff were able to watch his methods and learn some valuable skills.


Private Music Lessons Junior School Students

A reminder that private music lessons have started for the year.

Junior School parents are advised that lessons are organised between the classroom teacher and the private teacher. At all times these teachers try very hard to accommodate lessons but sometimes girls' lesson times may need to be flexible. Senior School students are given priority of lesson times during Home Room, Recess and Lunchtimes.


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