Update on ‘The Gateway Project’

I am very grateful for the many letters and comments from parents thanking PLC Sydney for communicating effectively about The Gateway Project.

I am also thankful for the three questions that have been asked to date.

I wish to report clearly regarding these questions and our answers:

  1. One parent queried the stability of the remnant of the Hamilton building. The same parent asked what is being done to ensure machinery connected to the building project doesn’t come near the Hamilton building.

    The Project Manager supplied the report of the Engineers on the stability of the Hamilton building, and reported the two checks that have been done to ensure this building is in good condition.

    The Project manager described the process that is being used to ensure the security of the building. This is a common practice – cordoning off a section of the worksite to ensure there is a safety gap between the machinery and the building.

    The parent thanked us for our responses.
  2. One parent asked if the fill that was in piles had contamination in it.

    The fill was all cleared as safe and has been disposed of accordingly.

  3. One parent asked if we could address the traffic delays on Young Street now that the building of the school and the railway station have both commenced.

    This is a very difficult one. Jodi McKay, our local member, has been a tremendous help. The General Manager of Burwood Council has a very positive attitude. We have had need to speak with Ashfield officials. Transport NSW are seeking to communicate well. Over the past few weeks, however, regretfully, we have been left out of key local decision-making processes and yesterday I gate-crashed a meeting of local councils and Transport NSW to seek to ensure that our concerns are represented. This was a very productive meeting and I thank Burwood and Ashfield Councils and railway representatives for listening to our concerns. PLC Sydney has placed significant extra staff on the school perimeter to seek to ensure safe and easy movement of students. We believe we are making progress in regard to a cooperative relationship with local authorities. I am not convinced as yet that the right decisions are going to be made regarding students crossing the road and traffic flow. We are pleased to now be ‘in the conversation’.

Dr Paul Burgis
PLC Sydney Principal

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Thank you to Santa Sabina
Due to the Gateway Project and refurbishment of Croydon Station, a section of Drummond Field is unable to be used.
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