Proposed Choral Music and History Immersion Tour to Europe in 2017

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TOUR DATES: 9-22 April, 2017 (14 days)

In April 2017 the Music and History Departments are proposing to send a group of students and staff on a two-week performance and history tour of Germany, France, Belgium and England. The students will be fully immersed in the history and culture of Europe.

The PLC Sydney Chamber Choir (Years 9-12, 2017) will perform and participate in musical workshops and concerts. Through these opportunities, the students will gain first-hand insight into the world of music history, the significant features of European culture, and the sheer pleasure of just enjoying different cultures and music lifestyles.

Touring historians (Years 9-12) will visit Wittenberg, celebrating the quincentenary of the Reformation in GermanyStudents will also visit historical sites of World Wars I and II, including those significant to Australia’s involvement such as Villiers-Bretonneux, Peronne and Beaumont Hamel.

Travelling first to Berlin and Wittenburg in Germany, this joint tour will progress through Belgium and northern France to Paris. In Paris the choristers will perform at the iconic Sacre Coeur church, and in London at St Martin in The Field. Historians will visit the Palace of Versailles and other significant sites in Paris, including a possible visit to Disneyland.

Crossing the Channel, London will afford several opportunities for the choir, such as choral services, performances and workshops. London’s many museums and historic sites provide the richest learning experiences for students in all History courses, such as The British Museum, The Imperial War Museums, including the Cabinet War Rooms and Hampton Court Palace, which were recently renovated to celebrate its quincentenary.

    To find out more about this exciting and memorable tour, and complete the Expression of Interest form, please click here or visit the Global Education section on the PLC Sydney website.


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