Deniliquin Uke Muster 2016


From 18–20 November 2016, I was lucky enough to attend the Deniliquin Uke Muster 2016.

The Uke Muster is a festival that unites ukulele players from across Australia. Musicians come to perform as well as watch and learn from professionals. As a ukulele player, which came about through my love of singing and songwriting, this was an opportunity that I could not miss.

On Thursday 17 November 2016, along with the 9 girls that make up the Toy Choir, 18 ukuleles, our Choir Director and a Videographer, we set off in a minibus and drove 9 hours to the ‘dry Deni’.

On Friday 18 November we walked to the local school where we hosted a workshop, mostly for Indigenous girls from Deniliquin and around country New South Wales. We spent 6 hours teaching them singing, songwriting, how to make music videos and how to play the ukulele. The girls told us that they felt ‘happier than ever’. It was such a rewarding experience.

Over the next two days, we flash mobbed around Deniliquin with other festival attendees; attended a dinner that we performed at; went to a dinner where we watched incredible performances by professionals Australia wide; and attended workshops hosted by professional singers, songwriters and ukulele players.

This trip was a rewarding experience that I was so lucky to be a part of. The lessons we gave to the girls so that they can experience the joy of singing, playing, and songwriting, are truly unforgettable.

Claudia Meaney (Year 7)

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