Maths Week and Awards Night


Maths Week 2016

Fermi Questions were the focus of Maths Week 2016. Named after the Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi*, a Fermi question requires estimation of physical quantities to arrive at an approximate answer. The aim of Maths Week is to engage with the subject beyond the curriculum in a fun environment and to look at real life applications of Mathematics.

Throughout the week, students participated in many activities around the central theme of Fermi Questions. There were many fun activities and we held a competition where each student from Years 7-9 approximated the total length of a snake that could be formed from a jar of snakes. The winner was Christina Shi (Year 9) with an answer of 1764 cm.

Maths Week concluded with a year assembly to recognise the girls who had applied themselves enthusiastically and consistently.

*Enrico Fermi (1901-1954) was an Italian physicist best known for his contributions to nuclear physics and the development of quantum theory. Fermi was awarded the Nobel Prize for his physics work on the nuclear process. Fleeing Italy, he settled in the United States, first at Columbia University and then later at the University of Chicago. During World War II he was a member of the Manhattan project team that developed the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, Mexico.

2016 Maths Excellence Awards

Maths Excellence Awards night was held on Monday 14 November 2016. Students were recognised for their outstanding achievements in Mathematics throughout the year.

This year's guest speaker was Dr Deborah Cromer, from the University of New South Wales. She recounted her own experiences of studying pure Mathematics at University which in turn presented many varied opportunities in her career.

The purpose of this awards night is to encourage and congratulate students who have participated in the many enrichment activities on offer at PLC Sydney and who have achieved highly in competitions and academic endeavours throughout the year.


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Another PLC Sydney International Blazer awarded
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Junior Tennis Tournament
Congratulations to Ella Athanassiou (Year 9) and Lara Ralph (Year 9) who gold at the 2016 Schoolgirls Junior Tennis Tournament.
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Independent School Rowing Association Regatta
This was the first regatta of the season for our new rowers and I am so proud of their achievements on this day.
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Junior School Co-curricular Assembly
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