New Tennis Program

issue1916-tennis-coachingPLC Sydney's new Tennis program commences in 2017. Our goal is to provide high quality tennis coaching and competition to all participants so they can develop as players and achieve enjoyment and success regardless of the tennis pathway they choose to take: Social, Aspiring or Performance. Find out more about our new Tennis program.


We are very excited to announce that Hot Shots is part of our new Tennis Program. Hot Shots allows for each child’s individual development. At each level your child will develop technical, tactical and physical competencies before they progress to bigger courts, faster balls, and more complex scoring/rules. Find out more about Hot Shots.


LESSONS: 8 lessons in Terms 1, 2 and 4 and 9 lessons in Term 3
COST: Private Lessons - $80/hour or $40/half hour or $25/20 minute (Pre-K to Year 2 only) Group Lessons - $20/ hour
VENUE: Tennis Courts, PLC Sydney
REGISTRATION: Complete the online registration form

Also in Important Information for Parents & Students

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Online applications are now open for 2017 PLC Sydney bus bookings.
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Enrolments for Private Music Tuition are now completely online.
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PDHPE Indigenous Tour to Central Australia
The Central Australia Tour is open to students in Years 9–11 and runs from 24 June–1 July 2017
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C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships
The 2017 C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship opens on Monday 5 December and close on Friday 6 January 2017.
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