PLC Sydney shines at Young Scientist Awards

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Congratulations to PLC Sydney students who achieved outstanding results at the Science Teachers’ Association of New South Wales (STANSW) Young Scientist Awards, held at Wollongong University on Wednesday 2 November 2016. These are some of the premier awards for students in the area of scientific research and we are excited to announce such incredible results.

Eliza Martin (Year 8) topped the list, being named 2017 Broadcom MASTERS International Delegate for Years 7–8.  As part of her prize, Eliza will travel all expenses paid to the USA in May 2017 to represent Australia at the Broadcom MASTERS International, an event that brings together the world's brightest middle school students. Each delegate is chosen for their excellence in science, engineering and leadership. Eliza will share her research project ‘The Effect of Slack Fill in Chip Packets’, where she set out to investigate whether the presence of air really does help reduce chip breakage, as claimed by the manufacturers. She filled bags with chips and varying volumes of air and then dropped a mass on each. By counting how many fragments resulted she was able to establish that that air does help cushion the chips. 

Also of particular note are our Year 10 students who achieved 2nd and 3rd in Chemistry; 2nd and 3rd in Physics; 3rd in Biology; and 3rd in Earth and Environmental. The full list of awards is as as follows:

  • Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 10): 3rd in Biology 10–12; 3rd in Working Mathematically 10–12; 1st in Excellent Understanding of Measurement; 3rd in Utilising Knowledge and Skills from at Least Two Scientific Disciplines.
  • Sabena Bhadri (Year 10): 3rd in Chemistry 10–12.
  • Rhiannon Kumar (Year 10): 2nd in Chemistry 10–12; Highly Commended in Ability, Skill and Promise in Chemistry.
  • Eliza Otton (Year 10): 3rd in Earth & Environmental Science 10–12.
  • Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 10): 3rd in Physics 10–12; 1st in Scientific Analysis in Physics; Equal 1st in Best Use of Electronic Communications in Investigations.
  • Sherie Pan (Year 10): 2nd in Physics 10–12.
  • Rebekah Kang (Year 10): 2nd in Excellent Understanding of Measurement; 1st in Utilising Knowledge and Skills from at Least Two Scientific Disciplines.
  • Sophie Ma (Year 10): Equal 1st in Best Use of Electronic Communications in Investigations.
  • Olivia Beck (Year 10): 1st in Rigour of Testing Results.
  • Lina Cho (Year 10): 1st in Greatest Potential to Meet Some Urgent Needs in Economy, Industry and Society.
  • Jennifer Xu (Year 10): 1st in Best Use of Scientific Equipment in Carrying out Research.
  • Hingis Li (Year 10): 2nd in 1st in Best Use of Scientific Equipment in Carrying out Research.

Principal Dr Paul Burgis said: ‘This astonishing set of results is credit to the hard work of students and the dedication and careful planning of staff. It was a big event with a full auditorium at the university. It was lovely to see not just one or two PLC Sydney girls having their photos taken after the event but a whole delegation of young women. It was a great point of encouragement that our choices in each area of the College are having a profound impact. Congratulations to all PLC Sydney Science teachers.’

download-icon Click here to download the presentation booklet which outlines the award winners projects.  (PDF 3MB)

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