HSC Drama work receives multiple honours



Image 1 (from left): Dr Paul Burgis, Jess Lyons (class of 2015 holding the textbook in which her work is included) and Mrs Joanna Maxwell.  
Image 2: An extract of Jess's 2015 HSC Drama work.


On Friday 28 October 2016, Jess Lyons (class of 2015) was guest speaker in our senior assembly. Jess has had great success in the field of critical analysis and Drama. She shared her passion for the subject with PLC Sydney students.


The HSC Drama work of 2015 graduate Jess Lyons, has been awarded multiple academic honours. Jess chose to complete a series of critical theatre analysis pieces. She viewed a number of productions across Sydney and then drafted her reviews. Jess actually went above and beyond the criteria and created an entire imagined publication in which to place her reviews. 


Jess’s work was selected for Onstage an exhibition of outstanding work across NSW. She also received the top HSC drama mark at PLC. Her work has since been selected by the Board of Studies to appear in an E-Book that will be accessed by Drama teachers and students across the state as evidence of how to do this HSC project well. 


Most recently (and perhaps most excitingly) Jess’s work has been published in the 3rd edition of Centre Stage. This textbook is used by teachers and students from across Australia, not just NSW. It is the most popular textbook for Drama and Theatre studies. The Drama department are very proud of Jess, a student who has since utilised the invaluable innovative skills she learnt in the Drama classroom in her Commerce degree at Sydney University.

Joanna Maxwell
Head of Drama

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