Combined Junior School Concert



Images: Photo credit Des Chu (parent).  


Congratulations to the 100 girls in the Junior School who were part of a combined Concert with Sydney Grammar, St Ives, held on Tuesday 25 October 2016 for the first time at PLC Sydney.  


After a full day of rehearsals at St Ives and a short rehearsal on the afternoon of the Concert, PLC Sydney girls and the boys from Sydney Grammar, St Ives, performed superbly in a stunning concert.

Everyone involved delivered their pieces with precision and style. Four beautiful string pieces were performed in a combined string orchestra including: Rainbow, The Explorers,Time Machine and Breathless.

The combined choirs sang two very different styles of works, Kakadu and Flooding Rains which included an effective body percussion section that depicted a rain storm.     

The final item of the evening was the specially commissioned work, Listen by Composer in Residence, Paul Jarman. This was a particularly moving performance!

Thank you to the parents and teachers who assisted with the event and to the students for your hard work. It was wonderful to work with the boys from Sydney Grammar, St Ives and we hope to continue the tradition.  

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