National Mathematics Summer School


Congratulations to Gloria Liao (Year 11) who has been selected into the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) in 2017.  

NMSS is a two week residential school held each January at the Australian National University for mathematically gifted and talented senior high school students. Gaining selection into the NMSS is quite challenging as only a few positions are awarded each year. The program offers both an academic and social program with an emphasis on doing mathematics with like-minded people. 

Since Governments have made STEM a focus for Australian and global progress, it is encouraging to see so many of our girls working towards goals from Years 7–12. They choose to study Mathematics at the highest level and attempt the most challenging competitions in the enrichment program.  

Gloria has participated and achieved in many maths competitions and is currently completing the HSC in 2 Unit and Extension 1 Mathematics. We commend Gloria on her selection to NMSS and also her teacher, Mrs Lynne Knapman. For the past five years, Gloria has been part of the Mathematics accelerated program taught by Mrs Lynne Knapman.

Image: Gloria Liao (Year 11).

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