St Catherine's Rhythmic Gymnastic Invitational


Congratulations to our 11 PLC Sydney gymnasts who competed in St Catherine's Level 3-6 St Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational on 10 and 11 August 2016. The girls performed some strong routines to bring home some great results! 7 PLC Sydney students have qualified to compete at the State Championships.

Level 3 Junior
Emily Le (Year 6) placed 2nd in Freehand and 8th Overall.
Mia Travers (Year 6) placed 20th Overall in a tough field of 39 competitors.

Level 3 Senior
Jenna Zhang (Year 6) placed 2nd Overall, 3rd in Freehand, 3rd in Rope and 2nd in Hoop.
Yalani Smith (Year 7) placed 20th Overall.

Level 4 Senior
Linda Wang (Year 8) placed 4th Overall, 1st in Freehand and 4th in Hoop.

Level 5 Junior
Emily Nielson (Year 7) placed 4th in Ribbon and 14th Overall.
Summer Wanless (Year 7) placed 21st Overall.

Category 3 Ball Group
Zoe Lee (Year 5), Madeline Chew, (Year 5), Jenna Zhang (Year 6) and Emily Le (Year 6) placed 3rd Overall.

The Category 4 Clubs Group
Amber Atcheson (Year 9), Grace Sheng (Year 7), Emily Nielson (Year 7) and Summer Wanless (Year 7) placed 3rd Overall. An excellent result leading up to the IGSSA.

Congratulations to the following girls who have qualified to compete at the State Championships to be held in October: Emily Le, Mia Travers, Yalani Smith, Jenna Zhang, Linda Wang, Emily Nielson and Summer Wanless.


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