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Australian National Chemistry Quiz

Congratulations to the 241 PLC Sydney students who competed in the Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ). Amongst the outstanding results were 6 High Distinctions with Excellence, 31 High Distinctions, 39 Distinctions and 44 Credits. Sabena Bhadri (Year 10) achieved a perfect score and will receive a plaque.

In July this year 241 PLC Sydney students from Years 7–11 completed the ANCQ. This is an international competition with participants from 20 countries and papers translated into seven languages. The Quiz consists of 30 multiple choice questions where students are required to demonstrate an excellent understanding of chemistry, comprehension and problem-solving skills.

PLC Sydney students have performed incredibly well with standout achievements from the following: 

High Distinction with Excellence Award
Stephanie Howes (Year 8), Angeni Bai (Year 9), Sophie Heasman (Year 9), Tay Leung (Year 9), Claire Shi (Year 9) and Sabena Bhadri (Year 10).

High Distinction Award
Donna Choi (Year 7), Paeton Fitzgibbon (Year 7), Vanessa Kwa (Year 7), Emily Li (Year 7), Meredith Zhang (Year 7), Helena Law (Year 8), Linda Liu (Year 8), Eliza Martin (Year 8), Haley Mills (Year 8), Audrey Tanama (Year 8), Taylor Chan (Year 9), Alexandra Kench (Year 9), Ling Ling Lin (Year 9), Christina Shi (Year 9), Grace Zhu (Year 9), Salina Ai (Year 10), Liona Chang (Year 10), Samantha Chen (Year 10), Shirley Hong (Year 10), Rebekah Kang (Year 10), Maeve Kelaher (Year 10), Rhiannon Kumar (Year 10), Sherie Pan (Year 10), Jennifer Xu (Year 10), Alison Chen (Year 11), Gloria Liao (Year 11), Jade Lin (Year 11), Emma Liu (Year 11), Nicola Tu (Year 11), Michelle Wang (Year 11) and Xinlu Xu (Year 11).

Credit certificates will be presented at year assemblies and the remainder will be presented at the Science Awards evening in Term 4.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the ANCQ.

Image: Stephanie Howes, Tay Leung, Angeni Bai, Claire Shi, Sabena Bhadri.


STANSW Young Scientist Awards

PLC Sydney has a rich heritage in developing young women to be scientists of quality. At this year's Speech Day two past students, who are now professors leading areas of scientific research, will grace our stage.

We are very proud to report on the results of the 2016 Science Teachers' Association Awards - the 'Young Scientist Awards'.

These are some of the premier awards for school students in the area of scientific research and we are excited to announce that 9 PLC Sydney students have been selected as prize-winners in the 2016 STANSW Young Scientist Awards. Congratulations to:

Eliza Martin (Year 8): An investigation into the effect of slack fill in chip packets
Sabena Bhadri (Year 10): The sweet job of yeast
Olivia Beck (Year 10): Growing plants under LED lights for space travel
Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 10): In hot water
Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 10): Noise cancellation tiles
Sophie Ma (Year 10): The effect of different music tempos on the heart rate and blood pressure of adolescent musicians and non-musicians
Rhiannon Kumar (Year 10):  Eucalyptus vs ethanol - fuel for thought
Eliza Otton (Year 10): Mulch to mouth
Sherie Pan (Year 10):  From waste to paper - an investigation into the suitability of crop residues as materials for paper

Over the next few days, winning students will receive a formal invitation to the presentation ceremony to be held at the University of Wollongong on Wednesday 2 November 2016, 6.00–8.00 pm. 

This list of winning projects could grow as some of the sponsored awards are still being judged. The following students have been short-listed for one or more of the sponsored awards:

Selena Read (Year 5) and Euginy Cho (Year 5): The effect of loose swimmers on a sphero robot on movement in water
Hingis Li (Year 10): Fertiliser and its effect on lake water
Lina Cho (Year 10): Trash or treasure? The use of rice husk ash as an agricultural fertiliser
Karli Musarra (Year 10): Resurfacing - an investigation into the relationship between speed to swim 25m and the distance travelled before the head breaks the water after diving
Rebekah Kang (Year 10): Slick and clean - an investigation into how magnetite can be used with organic sorbents in oil spill clean-up
Jennifer Xu (Year 10): Probiotics or nobiotics?

Congratulations to all students who entered and to all PLC Sydney science teachers.


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