Mathematics Success

Outstanding results in Australian Maths Competition 2016


Image: PLC Sydney students who received a Distinction or High Distinction in this yearsAustralian Mathematics Competition (AMC).


251 PLC Sydney students have received a Credit or above in the Australian Maths Competition (AMC), with Ziyi (Ally) Que (Year 9) producing the most outstanding result being in the 100th percentile. This competition allows students to attempt the same tasks on the same day in countries around the globe. 

At PLC Sydney this year, 472 girls sat for the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). More than 30 countries and approximately 14.5 million students participate in the AMC each year and it is recognised as an international benchmark for mathematical performance. At PLC Sydney the AMC is compulsory for Years 7 and 8 and the top class in Years 5 and 6. Otherwise it is voluntary. Overall our girls showed excellent proficiency with 251 students (53%) scoring at Credit level or above.

Among the outstanding results this year were 15 High Distinctions (top 3% Juniors or top 5% for Seniors), 75 Distinctions (top 20% Juniors or top 25% for Seniors) and 161 Credits (top 55% for Juniors or 60% for Seniors).

Of particular merit were our students who received a High Distinction with percentile ranks of 97 or above: 

Yian Li (7), Haley Mills (8), Amanda Lu (8), Jessica Cheng (8), Olivia Lam (8), Ziyi (Ally) Que (Year 9), Claire Shi (Year 9), Ruier Xue (Year 9), Sophie Heasman (Year 9), Grace Zhu (Year 9), Minghui Zhong (Year 9), Jennifer Xu (Year 10), Keer Chen (Year 11), Kathy Chen (Year 11) and Yuting Shao (Year 11). Ziyi (Ally) Que was the most outstanding being in the 100th percentile.

The incredible results this year are a testament to the girl’s willingness to achieve at the highest level in mathematics and to the whole mathematics staff for their excellence in the classroom and the individual encouragement given to our girls.


Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad



The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) runs the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) nationally at four levels, Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. It also provides a Challenge and Enrichment series of difficult problems for students to attempt on their own. The Enrichment Program culminates in an invitation to sit for the AIMO. The AIMO is a difficult four-hour examination for only the best students up to Year 10. The 17 PLC Sydney students who were invited to enter this competition in 2016 have all completed the Challenge and Enrichment series since Year 7.


As a voluntary aspect of their busy school lives including other exams, it was exceptional that the following students sat for the competition. Congratulations to:
Salina Ai (Year 10), Rebekah Kang (Year 10), Laurel Lu (Year 10), Sherie Pan (Year 10), Hingis Li (Year 10), Cecilia Ngo (Year 10), Jennifer Xu (Year 10), Angeni Bai (Year x), Sophie Heasman (Year 9), Tay Leung (Year 9), Lin Ling Lin (Year 9), Wendy Lin (Year 9), Ally Que (Year 9), Christina Shi (Year 9), Claire Shi (Year 9), Eleanor Shi (Year 9) and Grace Zhu (Year 9).

From this program, students learn persistence, deepen their mathematical experience and add to their problem solving skills. The number of PLC Sydney students entering this competition has grown since 2014 from 4 to 17. I would like to pay tribute to Dr Dawe, Miss Rossides and Mr Sinclair for their excellence in the classroom, their firm belief in their student’s mathematical growth, and the individual encouragement given to our girls.


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