Madrigal group sings at ex-student's wedding


Image 1: The wedding party and their guests. 

Image 2 (from left): Megan Casey, Sophia Bechara, Claudia Raguz, Louisa Williamson, Sophie Ma, Jennifer Wu, Fiona Clouston, Maeve Kelaher, Sabena BahdriAmilia Bonnano, Vincci Choy, Anne Schroers, Jade Schroers and Rachel Schroers. 


On Sunday 28 August nine girls from the Madrigal Group were fortunate to sing at the wedding of ex-student, Vincci Choy (class of 2000).


Not only did the girls sing at Vincci’s wedding but they were joined in their performances by the bride herself; the Schroers sisters: Jade Schroers (class of 2004), Alice Schroers (class of 2006) and Rachel Schroers (class of 2009); their mum, Anne Schroers nee Teo (class of 1974); and Jennifer Wu (class of 2004), all ex-students of PLC Sydney.


The girls sang beautifully and added much to the service.


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