Dear PLC Sydney Community

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As many of our school community who lead others in their profession are only too aware, it is very important for leaders to surround themselves with people who are more able than themselves, especially in specialist roles.

As I look around PLC Sydney I see many such highly capable individuals. An effective recruitment plan for teaching staff is to look for the able specialist or the up and coming younger teacher. A high quality teaching staff represents a diversity of ages and backgrounds. 

I could pick out any number of staff to exemplify the point, but consider the positive impact at PLC Sydney of having a school with:

  • Specialist Junior School Science, Technology and Chaplaincy staff
  • A Mathematician-in-Residence who was Professor of Mathematics Education at a major university
  • Numerous teachers with HSC marking experience, including quite a few staff who have held or hold senior positions
  • Music staff who hold significant roles in major Sydney music groups or who play for premier productions in Sydney
  • Artists and Composers-in-Residence
  • An Executive team boasting over 300 years of experience in education
  • Vibrant young staff who are pursuing future studies
  • Staff with connections to museums and galleries world-wideNumerous staff who have worked in international settings … and much more.

It is therefore wonderful to note that Dr Lloyd Dawe was recognised last Saturday by the Australian Teachers’ Guild for his excellent service to education in Australia for over 40 years. Dr Dawe received the award at Trinity Grammar School in a special ceremony. Dr Dawe is loved by all of us at PLC Sydney.

It is also pleasing to note two of our new staff who come with the same rich heritage. Mr David Savill will be our new Director of Technology Services. Mr Savill has built an exceptional educational IT firm, is an expert in IT platform construction, and is a renowned leader in the field. Mr Savill commences in term 4. Dr Emma Wood is a philosopher. She will assist with the teaching of the Cambridge Philosophy and Theology course. Emma is a meta-ethicist of note, with a strong capacity to teach logic and critical thinking.

PLC Sydney has 200 staff. This year PLC Sydney staff have been involved in a deliberate staff well-being program. We offer fitness through the gymnasium and pool, and have built in professional development on looking after spiritual, physical and social health. It has been a great series of sessions. 

At the close of this year there are a few long-serving staff who will conclude or pause their time at PLC Sydney:

  • Ms Leonie Brewer (our Director of International Education and history teacher) will retire. What a superb contribution she has made. Her place will be taken by Mrs Suellen White
  • Mrs Rowena Barnett (our Head of Year 12 and science teacher) will become Deputy Principal of the Vietnam Australia School (our sister school) for a minimum of a two year period. 
  • Dr Guy will take one year’s leave due to health concerns. We eagerly await her return in late 2017.

PLC Sydney will continue to build a strong, supportive and resilient staff.

I respect greatly working with them.

Dr Paul Burgis