Speech Success


Images (from left): Charlotte Guest and Kelsey Lu.

Speech Matters

Congratulations to Kelsey Lu (Year 11) and Charlotte Guest (Year 7), who have been declared winners of our annual Public Speaking Challenge, which was held on Tuesday 26 July 2016.


This was the culmination of a school-wide public speaking event, which involved every student in Years 710 presenting a prepared speech to her class. Year 11 tackled the ever-challenging Impromptu Speech to be selected for the Grand Final. The top 12 students in each division progressed through two rounds to the Grand Final on Tuesday. The Speaking Challenge featured a diverse range of interpretations of the set topics. Years 79 students delivered a 3 minute speech on the topic 'To The Moon and Back', with Charlotte focussing on the plight of refugees. Kelsey Lu (Year 11), entertained us with her thoughts on 'Prime Time' which challenged students to consider the impact of primeval romantic urges on their studies.


Congratulations also go to our two runners-up: Ariel Burgess (Year 8) and Lina Cho (Year 10). Our adjudicators, Ms Heather Clarke, Ms Stacey Konstantopoulos and Ms Mel Walsh indicated that PLC Sydney possesses some of the strongest public speakers in NSW.



news-macquarie-cup-debatingMacquarie School’s Cup

On Wednesday the 27 July, Years 7 and 8 Archdale debaters and Year 11 Archdale and ISDA debaters participated in the Macquarie School’s Debating Day. It was a very long day, leaving school at 7.15 am and returning at 5.30 pm, so all debaters are to be commended for investing significant time and effort into this valuable experience.

The juniors were able to participate in lectures, workshops and two debates. Both Year 7 teams won one debate, and the Year 8 teams won both debates. Public, private and selective schools all participated in the day, allowing for a broad socialisation experience as well as the debating skills learned and feedback the girls received from university debaters.

PLC Sydney's Year 11 students debated exceptionally well, with the Archdale team winning the overall senior division of the competition. Both teams debated in three preliminary rounds, featuring topics such as 'that we should remove all patent laws for green technology'. The ISDA team was tabbed first after the preliminary round, but after a close loss in the second round finished in third place. The Archdale team broke into the final and defeated Tara in the debate 'that we support the model of private sponsorship of refugees'.

All the girls learned useful skills and were challenged in the face of their exhaustion. More importantly, the PLC Sydney debating community was able to bond with this experience, as senior debaters workshopped topics with the juniors in the morning. Thank you very much to Ms Sidoti for organising this excursion, and congratulations to all the girls on a fantastic effort.

Jade Lin, Debating Captain 2016

Image (from left): Jade Lin, Stephanie Lee, Tasman Jones and Emma Tanevska



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